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Dear Parents – Parents of Ojas, Mr. Vikas Punj and Mrs Urvashi Punj, and all the parents present here at St Columba’s.

At the very outset, I wish to express my deepest sorrow for the incident which occurred on the morning of 10th August involving Master Ojas Punj, who is a bright student of Class 6th.

I thank Ojas and his parents for displaying such fortitude throughout this challenging time from the 10th August. I personally wish to thank them for their warmth and hospitality on the two occasions when I visited them at their home in Uttam Nagar.

On investigation by the School into the incident which took place on the morning of 10th August, I wish to inform you that the fact-finding committee constituted by the School has been spending tireless hours in meeting and recording statements from all those involved. A thorough investigation will take the time it needs. For instance, one of the students who is alleged to be involved in the incident could appear before the committee last morning only. However, due to sheer volume of information made available to the committee and because of the seriousness of the incident, the committee believes that it will be possible for them to present their report to the Managing Committee of the school in the early part of the coming week. Based on the findings of the Committee, appropriate action will be taken against any individual or group found guilty in this unfortunate incident.

Separately, the police has also begun their investigation and we are cooperating fully with the police.

We are also concerned about the bullying which takes place in schools. We, at St. Columba’s have introduced several practices to improve the discipline in the school – trying to guide the students by introducing a meditation programme, ensuring orderly dispersal of students, in proper lines and teams when moving around the campus and buildings. Nevertheless, in spite of these efforts, there are few incidents of students bullying others; of prefects having their tiffins turned over, etc. I am deeply concerned about this and before the commencement of classes in July the staff spent a day on the challenging topic of inculcating discipline. I don’t let cases of indiscipline pass by without appropriate action. I state that such behaviour is wrong and cannot be condoned in a School. Any incident of bullying will be dealt with seriousness and prompt and appropriate action will be initiated against the students involved in such activities.

Dear Parents, we are coping with a new generation who have to learn self-discipline without fear! This is right. Achieving it is very challenging. We, parents, students and teachers will work together as a family – we can make this change!

This brings me to the 2 students who are allegedly involved for this incident. Please remember that especially here in a school where we teach students ideals – that no one is guilty until they have the opportunity to defend themselves. Parents, this school must, even in such challenging situations, must stand for the rights and future of children – all children – the good and those who need to learn to be good.

Parents, I depend on you to help the school to tide over this most challenging of situations. I thank you all for sharing your concerns with us and do demand a more robust response to these challenges. I will try all I can to do this.

We pray God’s blessings on all at St Columba’s.

Thank you.

Posted By : Columbas Admin | Date : 24 Aug 2018 |