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Title : MOCK DRILL - (2018-19)

As per the circular received from  directorate of education a mock drill was conducted on 27th November 2018 .The sirens was activated at 11 am sharp. The students in classes after the duck hold and cover started evacuating the building.The classes took the designated route to exit the building which was planned in the dm plan .

The students, the teachers,the admin staff and the helpers assembled on the middle school ground. The head count of the students was done and reported to the DM team. No member was found to be missing. Aditya Singh of 7A who is suffering from Muscular Dystrophy was carried on the field by a helper.

It took 3 minutes 45 seconds to evacuate the entire building .Total number of students were 1625, 74 teachers 3 admin staff and 14 helpers were also part of the drill.

The nurse was also on the field with her First Aid box to assist in case of any injury. Howeverno student was injured in the drill

The floor in charges  checked the building and everything was found in place .After a short briefing by the headmistress the students were directed back  in the building to resume their classes

Overall it was a fruitful exercise.

Manju Singh Rawat

Middle school

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