Junior School Events Detail


“At the heart of effective technology integration, technology offers opportunities to be more actively involved in the learning experience”
-Vanessa Vega

The budding young computer masters of class 3 showcased their hard work, dedication and creativity by converting their research work about an array of topics into beautiful and colourful multimedia presentations with numerous eye catching digital effects. 

The students enthralled the audience with a storehouse of information and technological expertise. The wide variety of topics chosen by our young masterminds ranged from space to sports and from the rich cultural heritage of our country to amazing scientific facts about the universe.

It was a great platform for the students to work in teams and with dedication. The boys eagerly displayed their newly acquired skills of creating Power Point Presentations.
It was commendable to see 100 percent participation of class 3 students as each and every learner’s presentation was showcased. 
The tech savvy parents of different classes were invited as judges. They were awestruck with the integration of technology in the effective learning of concepts being taught in class. The judges not only applauded the efforts of the boys but also encouraged them to continue making judicious use of technology to add to their skills and knowledge.



Posted By : Columbas Admin | Date : 11 Dec 2018 |