Middle School Events Detail


Date :13.12.2018
Class - 6
The school has organised a fun filled adventurous educational excursion for the students of class 6 to 'AEROPLANET',Dwarka. Students were accompanied by their teachers.
The students were imparted with air travel safety norms in a safe enclosed area. There were 2 big jet airplanes,real, Airbus A 300 and CRJ 200 positioned at the venue.Some of the students had boarded the aeroplane for the first time.They were made to sit inside these and had an experience of a flight and coping with a sudden flight disorder, i.e. mimicked turbulence. They were taught how to use oxygen mask, life jackets and other important features of the plane. Each activity was full of fun, excitement and adventure.
The excitement of the students touched the sky as they did certain activities like, rope climbing, rope trolley rides, issuing of Boarding Passes, to exit the plane using the emergency escape by sliding down the aircraft in case of an emergency.The icing on the cake was the magic show which made the students excited and anxious. They enjoyed the magic tricks and tried to learn them.
It was a thrilling experience for the children where they got exposure to the functioning of the aircrafts, opportunity to experience and facilitate learning. Overall, it was an enriching experience and an informative trip.

Reported by : VANDANA SHAH

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