Junior School Events Detail


The inter class class Skit Competition and Cultural Presentation of Class 3 was organised on 2nd November in the Junior School Hall.
The theatrical presentation by the students of class 3 was a wonderful amalgamation of intriguing stories, evolved acting, eye catching props and impressive costumes.
The students of class 3A presented "The Pied Piper of Hamlin" – a memorable legend which narrates a compelling and mysterious tale set in the city of Hamlin. The skit enacted by the boys involved enthusiastic participation,  bright backdrops, melodious music and a peppy dance number. The flawless narration and mesmerising costumes of the Pied Piper appealed to the audience.

The students of class 3B presented a skit titled "The day the crayons quit". This innocent and humorous tale of a child where he attempts to appease all the crayons to come back to the crayon box evoked many smiles among the audience. The students left all touched with a meaningful message to appreciate the significance of the different hues in the nature around us.
The popular Arabian folktale – "Ali Baba and the 40 thieves" was presented as a play by the students of class 3C. It was a supreme blend of splendid performances along with an Arabian folk dance which caught the fancy of the audience. The instrumental background music added to the splendour. 
"The rainbow fish" – a musical skit enacted by the students of class 3D emphasised on the values of sharing, humility and friendship. The speakers, singers and dancers performed their roles with confidence and perfection. The tale was held together by the enthusiastic narrators and foot tapping music followed by a well choreographed dance performance. 

A short play narrating the Biblical story – "The Prodigal Son" was presented by the class 3E students. The presentation focused on delivering the message of love and forgiveness. The students gave a lively performance. It was a melodrama well depicted by the boys showcasing their confidence and creativity.  
The performances and presentations by all five sections were much applauded by the judges and the parents.
The judges for the show, Mrs Meenakshi Chadha and Mrs Anju Shaw were all praises for the acting prowess, dialogue delivery and voice modulation exhibited by these young actors.
The junior school headmistress, Mrs. Ritu Kaushal gave an uplifting speech for the boys and the parents to encourage the hidden actor in these young Columbans. It was indeed a spectacular display of talent and teamwork.

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