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Title : AIIMS QUIZ (2019-20)

Catalyst Expo and Quiz was organised by AIIMS, Delhi on the 11th and 12th April. The catalyst quiz comprised of a science quiz and a general quiz. More than 40 schools participated in the preliminary round and three teams from St. Columba’s entered the final round sailing smoothly through the prelims in both the quizzes. All the three teams from St. Columba’s emerged victorious and achieved the 3 podium positions, winning a combined cash prize of 6000 Rupees. In the science quiz, Gurkirat Singh and Rishab Dhiman secured the 1st position, Adheesh Ghosh and Tanish Singh secured the 2nd position and Apoorv Sinha and Mahendra Yadav came 3rd. In the general quiz , Adheesh Ghosh and Tanish Singh secured the 1st position, Apoorv Sinha and Raghav Nayyar came 2nd and Gurkirat Singh and Rishabh Dhiman secured 3rd position.

In the exhibition the school students were shown how to perform emergency procedures like CPR and were also given a first-hand experience of ECG, the sphygmomanometer, the spirometer, reading  X-RAYS and CT-SCANS etc. The students were also given access to the Gross Anatomy Lab of AIIMS where they were shown different parts of the human body.

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