Junior School Events Detail


On 23rd April, 2019, the students of Class 3-C presented a special class assembly on the topic ‘Honesty is the best policy’ .The assembly began with the Lord’s prayer and the boys expressed their gratitude towards the Lord Almighty and his numerous blessings. This was followed by a short skit titled- ‘No More Lying’. The boys through simple yet thoughtful enactment, presented the importance of honesty in our daily lives and in interactions with other people. The short scenes beautifully conveyed the message of being truthful and trustworthy. The skit ended with the melodious singing of the song-‘Honesty – Tell the truth, it’s right to do…’ with lively actions and expressions. The colourful headgears and sashes added to the fervour. The finale came with fun exercises which the students performed on a peppy song by Debbie Doo – ‘Right , Left Kind of Day’. It was indeed a fun and educative assembly for one and all. Mrs Kaushal, the Headmistress of the Junior Wing encouraged all the students to put to practice all the messages and learnings imparted by the boys of class 3C

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