Junior School Events Detail

Title : CLASS ASSEMBLY BY 3D (2019-20)

‘The proud red rose’


On the bright and sunny morning of 30th April 2019, the students of class 3D conducted a special class assembly. The assembly began with a short prayer. The students of Junior Wing bowed their heads and brought their palms together as the boys of class 3D led all in the morning prayer. This was followed by an enactment of a story titled –‘ The proud red rose.’ The boys dressed up as different flowers presented an insightful depiction of how the vanity and pride of a rose was dealt with by the other plants and flowers in the garden thereby teaching him humility and acceptance. The boys left all with the message of being kind, humble and not judging anyone by his or her appearance. The assembly came to a beautiful end with a melodious presentation of a hymn by the students. 

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