Middle School Events Detail


Missionaries of Charity, “ASHADAAN” is an organisation to support and help the mentally challenged orphanage girls, run by “Mother Teresa Sisters” 

Fifty students from class 9 D visited the “ASHADAAN” on 5th Aug. 2019, they spent quality time with them.

Students were impressed with the cleanness and positivity of the institution.

A few patients were totally dependent on sister’s support, though they were unable to speak but express their happiness by clapping and smiling.

We did the following activities with the housemates. :

We started interaction with “Prayer”.

We played Icebreaker game, which made our students comfortable.

 Students took initiative to sing various songs, which motivated girls and they came out of their shell and started singing songs and were very happy. We amazed to listen their melodious song.

They show cased their classical dancing skill, which impressed the students.

It was an opportunity for St. Columba’s boys to count their blessings and be sensitive about less fortunate people.

As a guest gesture, students gifted Fruity, Chips, Toys, Books, clothes and small amount of cash to the Missionary.

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