Middle School Events Detail

Title : PHI CLUSTER 2019-20 (22TH AUG 2019)



Teacher in charge : Mrs. Himani Jain

Resource person: Mrs. Himani Jain

Topic: Derivation of divisibility rules: why we use specific divisibility rules for every specific number

Today members of the phi cluster from Class 9 had a stay back after school. Mrs Himani Jain took charge and introduced us with an interesting topic , i.e., why we use divisibility rule and from where it came. Today's session  was basically to open up our minds so that we are able to think out of the box. We made an interesting journey into the world of patterns by discovering the mathematical reasons behind the divisibility rules. Though we have been using these rules since class 4. But until today, we never thought that were did the rule come from. While we went from one rule to the next, Mrs. Jain helped us break some of the stereotypical myths related to numbers through mind-boggling riddles. We got to know the derivation of divisibility rules of 3 , 4 and 11

It was all over a great experience for us and made us more open towards MATHEMATICS.


Report by - Dhruv Sharma (9E)


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