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Title : REHEARSE, RHYME, RECITE (2019-20)

The word "Elocution" means the art of effective public speaking. The reason why elocution lessons are regarded as important is because they are related to mastering the art of oral communication. The aim behind group elocutions and recitation competitions is to ensure our students get enough exposure to pronunciation, intonation and accuracy in language and a sense of rhythm.  

The 6th of July marked the beginning of the senior school elocution competition. The event comprised of individual elocutions on poems like - The road not taken, Night of the Scorpion, Invictus, Doors, Still I rise etc by selected individuals from each class. This was followed by group elocutions from each class competing with different sections.

The results were as follows:

Class 11th Individual Recitation results - 

1. Aditya Chatterjee (XI-C)

2. Ranveer Goel (XI-A)

3. Ishan Malik (XI-B)

Class 12th Individual Recitation results - 

1. Ishaan Utkarsh (XII-C)

2. Aditya Gupta (XII-D)

3. Derek Theophilius (XII-B)

    Class XII-E secured first position followed by XII-A and XII-F in class elocution competition.

    Class XI-D secured first position followed by XI-C and XI-E in class elocution competition.

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