Senior School Events Detail


One the greatest thinkers of his time, Leonardo da Vinci, was also a painter and a musician. He once remarked that “learning never exhausts the mind” as when one learns, it is not under the pressure or influence of some external force, but the willingness of the person that inspires them to do the work.

St. Mark’s school hosted a grand inter-school event with a wide assortment of activities including competitions in mathematics, general science, model making, music, art and cooking. The event was hosted on the school grounds from the 31st of July to the 3rd of August.

 1 .Master Chef

The competitors were provided with secret ingredients with which they had to prepare risotto. The Judge for the event was the head chef of “Smoke House Deli” and “Social” and the food and beverages manager at “Radisson blu”.

Kanav Dawar (11-A) and Jayan Bhatia (11-A) secured second position out of the 25 schools that participated.

 2. Imagine, Invent and Inspire

To change the status quo, is a dream many have. At this event, the students were given an opportunity to actually bring about a change. The students were to design a model to solve a given problem.

Abhilash Jena (12-E) and Darren Fernandes (12-C) were awarded the second position for their marvellous efforts.

 3. π-rates

A competition based on the power of numbers and the “language to understand the universe” – Mathematics. The contestants were provided with mathematical problems that they had to solve in order to receive points.

Rishabh Dhiman (12-C) And Arnav Singh (12-C) secured second position in the event.

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