Workshop Detail


In St. Columba's we aspire to incorporate technology in our teaching so that we can reap fruitful benefits in accomplishing learning for our students. We have been using Tata Edge Smart boards since the last 3 years. It is a dedicated endeavour of the staff to continually update their technical knowledge and skills to maximise the benefits of using this software in the best possible manner. Every year the teachers go through a rigorous evaluation of the content and propose suggestions to improve the utility of smart classes in the Junior Wing so that the content is blended well with the syllabus of each class.

As a part of this process, a detailed interaction and workshop session was conducted on the 5th of July 2019.

During this workshop Mr. Deepak, Academic Manager, Tata Edge, and Mrs. Monica Dheer, Tata Edge representative, briefed the teachers on various aspects and tools provided as a part of the academic content in the software. They detailed on how the lesson plans could be adapted according to the classroom setting while addressing various queries and concerns of the teachers. The teachers gave crucial suggestions regarding the content of grammar concepts and comprehension passages in English, worksheets and concept sheets of Mathematics, inputs to improve the picture and sound quality etc. to the resource person from Tata Edge.

The teachers were assured that all the issues will be considered immediately and the required content will be uploaded and upgraded within a week. Mrs. Monica Dheer also mentioned that the details of all the uploaded content will be provided to the teachers very soon.

It was an interactive session, which gave the teachers an opportunity to voice their queries and feedback with the Tata Edge representatives.

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