Workshop Detail


On the 4th of July, 2019 the staff of Junior Wing conducted the workshop on "Interactive Teaching Aids", as prepared by them. It was a great platform for interaction and learning for the staff members as the teaching aids were user friendly and reusable, catering to varied concepts and subjects and great tools to compliment teaching pedagogy in the upcoming academic session. Each teacher got an opportunity to present the techniques to be used and implemented as teaching aids in the classroom setting. Mrs Kaushal elaborated on how teachers must use their creativity to prepare a variety of teaching tools to help the students understand concepts in a better way. Different techniques of discipline and classroom management were also discussed. This collaboration with their colleagues brought in a lot of learning for the teachers to create a storehouse of reusable teaching aids. Much inspiration from the British Council workshops was taken to create these aids. The session culminated in an insightful talk by Mrs Kaushal. She encouraged the teachers to make use of Story Boards in their classes as interesting tools for interaction and learning. It was an enlightening and a fun filled experience for the teachers of Junior Wing.

Posted By : Columbas Admin | Date : 04 Jul 2019 |