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The true hero is one who conquers his own anger and hatred. - His Holiness Dalai Lama


His Holiness Dalai Lama visited our school on the 20th of November to celebrate Tushita's 40th Anniversary & 22nd Dharma Celebration and addressed the gathering on how to overcome Anger and Anxiety.


Several schools and prominent personalities had come to attain enlightenment by hearing the words of His Holiness.


The event commenced by a peace dance by the boys of St. Columba’s. The children of the NGO - Pratyek sang a self-composed song on Human Rights. Dalai Lama spoke on importance of Brotherly love and the meaning of Peace. He spoke about the oneness of God who is the creator of everything. Violence and war are a creation of anger, selfishness and narrow mindedness. It is important to create oneness of human beings rather than focus on ‘we’ or ‘they’ or ‘I’. The entire world is one human community created by one God and we are children of the Heavenly Father. Man is a social animal and we are all dependent on each other for one thing or another. Knowing this, how can man kill each other or bully each other. He spoke wonderfully about how the reigns are now in the hands of the younger generation and they need to use their education and put it to good use by practicing Ahinsa and karuna. 


After His address and shower of blessings upon the gathering, our Principal, Br. E.V. Miranda proposed the vote of thanks thereby concluding the blissful event.

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