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Title : PHI CLUSTER - SEASON 6 ( 15-JAN-2020 )

(15th January, 2020)

Teacher in charge : Mrs. Himani Jain

Resource person : Mr. Jyotesh Singh

Topic : Miscellaneous topics(including logarithms, equation of a line and differential calculus)


Today the members of the phi Cluster had a session.

 Mr. Jyotesh Singh(ex columban , winner of sword of honour, IIT Delhi graduate) was generous enough to take us through some unexplored journey of Mathematics. We were fortunate to get acquainted with few mystic topics of maths which included Logarithms, equation of a line and differential calculus. These new avenues opened our minds to new possibilities in mathematics. Mathematics is a logic-based subject and today’s session enriched our analytical capabilities. We surfed into the realms of deep logic on which mathematics is based. Jyotesh sir made us analyse the logic behind each topic through a systematic approach rather than a descriptive one. It has empowered our minds for further logical understanding of maths and this would definitely help us in the upcoming years.

          The session was highly informative and it has empowered our reasoning skill.

Report by:

Akshat Verma(9D)

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