Workshop Detail

Title : WORKSHOP - DIGIABHYAAS (2019-20)

Venue :          Bharti Vidya Bhawan

Date:              24th January 2020

Time:              10:30 am to 2:30 pm

Conducted by:   Liquid Wok Team


Mrs Ritu Nagpal attended a full day workshop DIGIABHYAS ON 24TH January 2020. It was organized to understand the impact of usage of mobile on our lives. The purpose of the workshop was to help kids, parents and families to build a mindful relationship with each other. The workshop was divided into two sessions.

Session I:

  1. Digital Wellbeing: Issues associated with usage of mobile phone in different age groups.
  2. How to acknowledge and plan things regarding usage of phone.
  3. Empower to have a mindful and balance relationship with all.
  4. Self awareness in the connected world
  5. How to balance between digital and non digital world?

Session II: Strategy to manage

General Strategy

Digi diet: The plan and details of the time spend.

    1. Place a time tracker, like reminder option in mobile about the usage of app.
    2. Family agreement: During PTM make a list of points which all family members will agree upon.
    3. Conscious choice to follow the agreement.

Online safety strategies:

1. Be careful about digital identities.

2. Sharing pictures creates unlimited availability on apps like Whatsapp , gallery , google drive , cloud….

3. Inform students about retrieval and tracking of text and information shared on net.

4. Be aware of simple formula ie. Number of accounts= number of apps. One must have different password for all the accounts Pa. eg.paytm, whatsapp  and so on.

5. Don’t share personal information.

6. Create back ups regularly

7. Always sign out from media sites.

8. https website to be accessed.

9. Protecting devices… keep installing updates.

10. Practice Safe downloading. Download from trusted resources, preferably app or play store.

11. Don’t run .exe files sent on groups with unknown member.

Digital etiquettes:

Always ask following questions before posting a message

  1. a. How the person would feel?
  2. b. Can the message be taken in wrong way?

Cyber bullying:

Incase of incidents related to cyber bullying occurs follow these steps.

a.  Take a screen shot of the screen if available.

b.  Block the person

c. Report and tell students to report. The reporting can be done in following ways                             

Social reporting: This involves sharing with a relative.

Reporting on platform: Every online site is provided with (…). Use the option to report view with a valid reason. If the incident is reported multiple times it won’t be considered for action but will be considered as spam.

Reporting to authorities (police station ): The last step in case the situation is serious . Report the matter to police and in case the person refuses to lodge report, Log FIR using

This workshop truly created awareness with respect to the process and steps involved for reporting the details of cyber bullying.

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