Workshop Detail


A workshop was conducted by ASSET on the 26th of February for the teachers of senior and middle school on the art and science of question making.


It was an interactive session where the facilitators explained the fine nuances of question making in all subjects. Good questions raise curiosity, help in covering learning gaps, help students to analyse, reason out, connect the content, its ideas and application.


The focus of a good question is to help students learn to conjecture, invent and solve problems.  It helps students to rely more on themselves to figure out whether something is correct or not. It also helps students to work together to make sense of the content.


Questions serve to pique the interest of students and increases motivation for learning. Good questions should be age appropriate and stimulate thinking. It leads to assess their meta-cognitive abilities.


The best way to form a question is to keep in mind the Circle of understanding which includes – Enduring understanding, what is important to know, and what is worth being familiar with. 


It was an interesting workshop which stimulated the minds of teachers to work towards refining their art of question making.

Posted By : Columbas Admin | Date : 02 Mar 2020 |