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As allowed by the government, there will be the distribution of school books and stationery in the school according to the following schedule
4th May : Class 4
5th May : Class 5
6th May : Class 6
7th May : Class 7
8th May : Class 8
9th May : Class 9
10th May : Class 10
11th May : Class XI
12th May : Class XII
only 1 PARENT (no student) may come to collect the books.
The Parent coming, must 
  • - ensure they are fully healthy - no ill temperature, cold, cough.....
  • - wear a mask
  • - wear student's ID
  • - carry a bottle of sanitizer
  • - may bring a stroller bag to carry the books
  • - must keep physical distance
  • - pay using : paytm, phoneme, google pay or cash.
  • - not delay or roam in the campus or on the way
  • - to save time and keep persons safe the whole book + stationery set is to be collected.
  • - strictly keep to the following timings
Timings for distribution of books 
Sec A : 7.30-8.30am only
Sec B : 9-10am only
Sec C : 10.30-11.30am only
Sec D : 12noon - 1pm only
Sec E : 1.30-2.30pm only
Sec F / G : 3-3.30pm only
This schedule has been worked out to ensure no large grouping of people and must be strictly followed.
Parents having more than 1 child in the school are requested to come only once and to collect the books & stationery only once - on the date for the eldest son's books.
Please click on DOWNLOAD ICON to check the Book & Stationery cost notice  details of money to be paid.
Note : that as the lockdown is in in progress, no worksheet money will be collected at this time, this will be considered when the school campus reopens.
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