Senior School Events Detail


Youth is the perfect time to chisel your way into the future success by honing skills and talent


Senior school students of St. Columba’s have participated in various activities this past month and have garnered accolades for themselves.

A. Social Entrepreneurship Introduction Program (SEIP) by SRCC

Social Entrepreneurship Introduction program was organized by Shri Ram College of commerce from 8th June to 22nd July. It was all about imbibing the true spirits of a social entrepreneur, to look after the society, and to come up with innovative solutions to help the needy. All the participants were divided into groups for the BUSINESS INNOVATIVE CHALLENGE and were asked to make a Power point presentation on the case study provided. In that Kanav Dawar from XII-A and his team secured 1st position out of the 15 teams.

Participants of the event: -

Kanav Dawar

Pranav Dhawan

Ranveer Goel

Devyaan Arora

Ansh Gupta


B. Nuclear Science Quiz hosted by Amity University

On Friday, the 19th of June, Amity University, Noida organized an all India quiz on Nuclear science. The name of the quiz was Curie-osity, named after the famous Madam Curie who won a Nobel Prize in Chemistry. There were a total of 114 participants from all over India. The eligible classes were classes 9-12. The quiz continued for 2 and a ½ hour, there were three rounds, thirty questions, 70% questions were based on the video clips shown to the participants and the rest 30% were based on extra knowledge.

Ibrahim Haneef from class XI-C displayed impeccable knowledge on the topic-‘Nuclear science’ and emerged victorious.


C. MONOMOUSUMI – An International essay writing competition

Tanish Jain of class 11-A participated in an international online essay writing competition-MONOMOUSUMI. The topic was – ‘ONE MYSTERY’. With thousands of entries from all across the globe he secured the 3rd position thereby displaying exceptional writing skills.



Students of St Columba's School made us proud in the Excelsior MUN which was the official MUN conference of DPS, Rohini.


St. Columba’s was also awarded the BEST SCHOOL DELEGATION for overall performance in the MUN


The results were as follows -

In UNHRC committee:-

1. Tanish Jain (11 A) - Best delegate as French Republic

2. Suryansh Govind (11 A) - special mention as Japan

3. Surya Garg (11 A) - special mention as Norway

4. Yuvraj Singh (9E) - special mention as Australia

5. Ujwal Jaiswal- (9E) - verbal mention as Netherlands

6. Hrishit Deb (9D) - verbal mention as Islamic republic of Iran


In WTO committee:

1. Arjav Jain (9 D) - high commendation as Republic of India

2. Ansh Gupta (11A) - special mention as Finland


In AIPPM committee:

1. Dhruva Grover (11 A) -special mention as Harsh      Vardhan

2. Karmanya Sharma (9 A) -special mention as Rahul Gandhi


E. Gratitude week

“The only way you can serve God on earth is by serving others”

Ansh Gupta of class 11-A, participated in the live event of IHW council on Facebook and expressed his heartfelt gratitude in the form of a speech to the doctors and nurses who are going a long way in kindling hope and faith during this difficult time of Covid-19. It was a great effort by the council to honor the relentless efforts of health care professionals.

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