Senior School Events Detail


Need we say more about the innumerable times our Boys make us proud!

 (A.) ANSH GUPTA of class 11 secured INTERNTIONAL rank 1st in UNICUS G.K. Olympiad and INTERNATIONAL rank 3rd in UNICUS MATHS Olympiad. The participants were from different countries and Olympiads were conducted online under strict supervision. It was a great experience to see your standing among different students and a great experience.

(B.) Anurag Shrikar of class 11 received a merit certificate for his participation in the TIME Quiz organized in August 2020. 

(C) The following 2 students of St. Columba’s participated in various MUNs and won accolades in the same: 
1. Samarth Jain (Class 11): Aberrant Model United Nations- Honorary Mention 
2. Steve Ilias (12-F): Aberrant MUN, Gracicux MUN, Mid-night crises titania MUN, Dynamic MUN, Modern youth international MUN & IB MUN (Honourable Mention) 

(D)  Several students of St. Columba’s School participated in the inter-school competition organized by Queen’s Mary School. The following students won the awards:

EXPOSITION (THE ENTHUSIASTS)- Shambhava Sood (class 11) 

(E) Two students from Class XI (Rudra Chauhan and Kevin Shubhin won a special mention in an online competition ENIGMA - Chase the Challenge organised by History Diaries!!


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