Senior School Events Detail


“The talent of success is nothing more than doing what you can do well; and doing well whatever you do…” —Henry Wadsworth


A. Talent Fair at Queen's Mary School

Ishaan Sharda of class 12 E participated in the Talent Fair organised by Queen's Mary School. He secured the First Position in ' The Words of Wisdom' event where he presented an extract from the iconic speech of Sir Martin Luther King Jr titled ' I have a Dream'.

B. Ganga Quest Quiz 2020

Ganga Utsav 2020 organized Quiz under the name Ganga Quest on the national level in their 3-day virtual celebrations on 1st and 3rd November. Ansh Gupta of class 11 A got shortlisted among the 6 finalists after the prelims, which itself was an achievement. In the final round held online through Facebook live event he secured 3rd position and won a cash prize of Rs.5000. We are proud of him.

C. PN Panicker Foundation Scholarship

Devyaan Arora of 11-A earned an International scholarship and brought a prodigious Laurel to our school. A Great performance gave Devyaan this achievement. One’s collaborative, organising & managerial abilities were put to test out of which the successful one would earn this scholarship. This feat happened to impact Devyaan in a short yet essential way. 

D. Pitch Perfect- Mount Saint Mary’s School

The Pitch Perfect event was held by Mount Saint Mary’s. Signifying the idea of designing a novel product with respect to social issues, our instruction once again had something to be proud of. With the support of the teacher coordinator, Mrs. A. Khanna, Devyaan (11 A) and Kanav (12 A) bagged the 3rd position on 28th of October. Surely, a pleasurable experience with knowledge being gained; the young boys truly made a prodigious effort in bringing this award to our institution.


E . Model United Nations

Steve Elias makes us proud by actively participating in various MUNs. He received high recommendation and best delegate in, Equipe MUN on the open forum discussion on child trafficking 
He received special mention in Untatis mundi MUN and received the Best delegate award in Global merit MUN 


F . Ecomm Symposium

Suryansh Govind, student of 11-A participated and secured 2nd runners up position in The 20th Bro. Aloysius Memorial Matrix-Ecomm Symposium (Economics Symposium) conducted on 29th October organised by MSM school, Delhi Cantt.

Suryansh Govind, student of 11-A particpated and secured the 2nd runners up position in the War Of Words (Debate) in Bizgeist - Zeal to Conquer event conducted on 10th November 2020 organised by Cambridge School, Indirapuram.

H. Youth For Good Air

Suryansh Govind, student of 11-A spoke for Youth For Good Air on 5th November at the Integrated Health and Wellbeing Council (IHW) and recorded a video mainly focused on protection of environment from mass destruction and collapse of earth. He was nominated as an Ambassador for the same. He was felicitated as a Good Air Ambassador by a team of distinguished members of the Integrated Health and Wellbeing Council (IHW)- Mr. Valentin Foltescu (Senior Project Manager - UN Environment), Mrs. Dia Mirza (actress and activist), Justice Swatenter Kumar (Chief Justice of Bombay High Court) and H.H. Pujyaswami Chidanand Saraswati - on 10th November 2020 for my remarkable efforts to create awareness for Air Pollution and Environment.


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