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Title : THE READERS’ WEEK ( 2020-21 )

“The more you read the more things you will know. The more that you learn the more places that you will go to."

The Literary Society of St. Columba’s School organized a Readers' Week from 9th-12th November to achieve its goals to deepen the appreciation for books, exhibit the writing and visual art skills, expand students’ vocabulary, encourage accurate word usage and gear up the students with values and meaningful life lessons.
It included the following 4 events: Book Talk, Scrap Book/ Book Cover, Twist the Tale, and Classics. The Best Readers Award were bagged by Aaron Probha & Arjit Singh (class 12) and Ansh Gupta & Apaar Chugh (class 11)

Event-wise Results:

Book Talk

Class 12: -

1st position Amaan Lopez and Arjit Singh Arora

2nd position Ishaan Kumar

3rd position Antonio Edward Cardozo

Class 11: -

1st position Harsh Deep Nair

2nd position Albin Chandi

3rd position Ansh Gupta


Scrapbook/Book Jacket

Class 12: -

1st position Sreyansh Devnath and Hritish Chidambaram

2nd position Gaurang Sabarwal

3rd position Kartik Rathee

Class 11: -

1st position Tanmay Jain

2nd position Arko Baksi

3rd position Soham Kulkarni


Twist in the Tale

Class 12: -

1st position Aaron Probha

2nd position Aditya Chatterjee

3rd position Victor Biju and Nakul Kapoor

Class 11: -

1st position Shambhava Sood and Albin Chandi

2nd position Ansh Gupta

3rd position Arnav Rastogi, Shreyas Baksi and Apaar Chugh


A Classic Competition

Class 12: -

1st position Aaron Probha

2nd position Fabin Chandi

3rd position Nakul Kapoor

Class 11: -

1st position Ansh Gupta and Manshay Bhandari

2nd position Tanish Jain

3rd position Mohd. Sami

Teacher In-Charge : Mrs. V. Chauhan
Organizing Team:  Gauravya Mohan, Ishaan Sharda, Steve Thomas, Dev Bharadwaj, Shourya, Anurag Sephani, Divye Manchanda, Ansh Gupta, Aryan Verma, Tanish Jain, Suryansh Govind, Soham Kulkarni, Devyaan Arora, Celestine Saji, Arnav Rastogi and Amit S Sahu.

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