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Title : COLUMBAN FEST 2014

The Columban Fest is a mammoth 2 day event, comprising a variety of competitions. The first day is the intra-school leg of the event while the second day is the inter-school part of it.

This year, 20 schools participated on the inter-school day, making the Columban Fest, once again, a huge success.


Day 1: The intra-school leg of the Columban Fest was kicked off with an inauguration ceremony attended by all the students and staff of the senior school.         

After the ceremony, the students dispersed to their various venues for the events that awaited them, which ranged from rangoli-making to choreography.

At the end of the day, the winners of each event were announced in the closing ceremony by the event coordinator, Mrs. Mehrotra.


Day 2: This year, the second day of the Fest bore witness to the first interschool inauguration ceremony, which consisted of a brief introduction to the Fest and the events of the day as well as an illustratory film.

Following the ceremony, the various competitions kicked off, with each event seeing many participating schools, each of which contended fiercely with one another.


The events for the day were as follows:-

  • Effervescence: A Science Exhibition.
  • Conflux: A Business Plan Proposition.
  • Cadence: Western Band Competition.
  • Footloose Fiesta: Western Dance Competition.
  • Ehsaas: A Short Film Competition.
  • Run: Valar Morghulis: A LAN Counter Strike Gaming Competition.
  • Trishan: Just Act - A Street Play Competition
  • Just Art - An Art Competition.


The winners were announced in the closing ceremony by the event coordinator, Mrs. Mehrotra, with Fr. Agnel School winning the rolling trophy. This was followed by the vote of thanks, which was proposed by the administrator, Mrs. Fredrick, and the school anthem.


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