Senior School Events Detail

Title : COLUMBAN FEST 2015 - 2016

Chief Organiser : Mrs. M. Mehrotra

Committee Members : Mrs. N. Chatterjee, Mrs. S. Chandra, Mrs. N. Menezes, Mr. O.P. Singh, Mr. R. K. Sharma and Mrs. V. Chauhan

The Annual Columban Fest that was held on the 6th and 7th of November, 2015. This 2 - day event is much looked forward to as it offers a wide range of activities to choose from, and every student gets an opportunity to display the talent and realize his potential. It also gives them a chance to interact with students of other schools.


Columban Fest - Inter-School

There were 11 Intra-school activities. The enthusiastic participation by all the students was a pleasant sight to behold.


Activity Teacher Co-ordinator

Choreography Mrs. A. Khanna, Mrs. C. Garg

Crossword Mrs. R. Pharasi, Mrs. A. Joseph

Dumb Charades Mrs. R. Nagpal, Mrs. R. Popli, Ms. P. Rawat & Mr.O.P. Singh

Web Designing Mr. M. Fernandes

Logo Designing Mr. P. Gonsalves

Comic Strip Making Mrs. N. Chatterjee

Public Speaking Mrs. A. Manocha

Photography Mr. N. Agrawal, Ms. S. Grover

Rangoli Making Ms. B. Kapoor, Mrs. N. Menezes

Best out of Waste Mrs. S. Sachdev, Mrs. R. Sharma

Music Mr. D. Mathew, Mr. M. Vaz


Columban Fest - Inter-School

There were 7 Inter-school activities The following were the activities - Effervescence, Conflux, De Code, Ehsaas, Footloose Fiesta, Cadence & Trishna. Above 20 schools participated in the above events and were adjudged by experts from different fields. Individual prizes for the various activities were given. The overall winner of the Inter-School Fest was St. Columba?s but since we were the host school, the trophy was handed over to the second best school i.e. Convent of Jesus & Mary.


Activity Teacher Co-ordinator

Effervescence Mrs. N. Chatterjee

Conflux Mrs. R. Sharma

Run Mrs. R. Nagpal

Ehsaas Mrs. A. Joseph

Trishna Ms. P. Rawat

Footloose Fiesta Mrs. N. Menezes & Ms. B. Kapoor

Cadence Mr. D. Mathew


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