Senior School Events Detail


Co-ordinators - Mrs. A. Joseph & Ms. S. Grover

The Best Speaker's Debate 16-17 was held on Saturday the 30th of July, in the Edmund Rice Hall. Teams from classes XI and XII debated the topic 'Nice Guys Finish Last'


The team speaking for the motion was class XI. The speakers were -

  • Elvis Francis            XI A
  • Divyum Gupta            XI B
  • Aparimeya Taneja            XI C
  • Jeril Philip            XI D
  • Ritwiz Sarma            XI E


The team speaking against the motion was class XII. The speakers were -

  • T.S. Vaidyanathan XII A
  • Ayran Vij XII B
  • Ishaan Ahmed XII C
  • Siddharthan L. XII D
  • Aakash Dutt XII E


The spirited and stimulating debate was a closely contested one. Class XII was declared victorious and were presented the coveted shield.

Aakash Dutt of class XII E was adjudged the Best Speaker and

Siddharthan Lakshamanan of class XII D was adjudged the Second Best Speaker.

The Prize for the Best Interjector was shared by Yatharth Jaggi (XII B) and Naman Khanna (XII A)

Classes XII A and XI B also received prizes for winning the Inter-class debates in their respective groups.


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