Administrator (Senior School)

Silence in Action

Life is a beautiful journey in which we go through a lot of different circumstances. Our experience during the lockdown period was a time to learn, to reflect, to heal, to understand, to accept and to build upon our own shortcomings in our relationships with family and friends, workplace, our spirituality and with ourselves. In all these situations which life presents, a very important mental state that we all require to keep is of thinking less and experiencing silence in thoughts. A silent mind gives an experience of contentment and happiness to the self and is the most natural state. We all play our roles in this physical world through the medium of our physical bodies. During this transitional phase of the lockdown, as teachers and students, we have faced many challenges. There were times when we were pushed to the edge and we felt that we would certainly crumble under pressure. We get so involved with our day to day routine that we devoid our soul of spiritual energy. This depletion causes anxiety, unhappiness, depression and restlessness within us.

By default, majority of the human beings love peace and silence and all of us during our busy schedules want to experience silence, because that gives our mind rest. Why do we sleep every day? At the end of a busy day full of thoughts, words and actions, we need some time to give the body some rest and also charge the mind. Also, the mind naturally wants to rest and not create too many thoughts. This is what happens in our sleep. But, if we take care during the entire day that while working on different tasks at the workplace or at home or with friends, that we think less, but positively and powerfully, then we would save a lot of energy of the mind. As a result we would perform better physically in all our actions.

To keep a silent state of mind does not mean that you don't think but you think how much is required and take care that you do not create unnecessary thoughts. Also, you take care that apart from creating necessary thoughts related to the day-to-day actions, you also create positive thoughts which are based on the positive virtues or qualities of the soul. The positive qualities are peace, joy, love, bliss, purity, power and wisdom. This is called positive thinking and by thinking positive, the number of our thoughts will be less during the day. This is silence in action. Silence not only increases our efficiency, but it also keeps us more focused and mentally strong in different types of negative situations. A mind which is concentrated and silent thinks clearly and as a result you take correct decisions.

Let's take a pledge, to be connected with our inner-self and listen to the voice of our soul which not only helps us with our spirituality but shows us the path of righteousness to attain greater heights as a human being thus living with a sense of gratitude and harmony with all life forms.

Mr. Naresh Chopra
(Senior School Administrator)
St. Columba's School
New Delhi