Administrator (Senior School)

Global Family

The year 2020 has been etched into the hearts of every individual for what it taught us. We all had our plans for the year, but it became very evident, "We plan but God decides". At the beginning of the year, life seemed good and we were all blissfully unaware that our world would be completely turned upside down. Then it happed COVID-19. A word we were not acquainted to, or the impact it would have on human lives. In a matter of days there was panic all over the world. The word “Pandemic” made us realise what a small world we were living in, how we were all connected if not through culture or ethnicity but via this invisible virus and its ill-effect on human beings. All of a sudden we became one big family, sharing our common concerns of anxiety, fear, and hoping for a miraculous escape which was slowly taking a toll on human lives. We forgot the distinctions of the geographical boundaries, all that mattered now was to pray for the survival of every human being.

January 1st, is the day of peace and sharing celebrated in the United States. This was acknowledged as the Global Family day by the United Nations in 1999, and is celebrated as "A day of peace". Let's learn from all what the year 2020 taught us. The world is now too small a place for anything but brotherhood. Let’s forget the distinctions caused due to religion, cultural differences, social economic structures, politics or nationalism. In crises situation, when the entire world is trying to combat the Covid virus by creating an antidote through a vaccine in order to save the human species, it’s time we realized the higher purpose of our existence. We need to focus on our inner values, the true sense of humanity. Where there is purity of thought, words and action. Let’s introspect on values like non-violence, truth, love, respect & cooperation, to make this planet a beautiful place where we all live in harmony and peace. The inclusiveness of living together as one family, building upon the virtues of trust, empathy, humility, gratitude and kindness is what we need to imbibe so that we can pass it down to the coming generations. When we begin growing in one virtue, we end up growing in many of them simultaneously and when we intentionally form virtuous habits, we open ourselves to new opportunities and a truer version of who we were created to be, leading to a more meaningful existence here on earth.

Mr. Naresh Chopra
(Senior School Administrator)
St. Columba's School
New Delhi