Administrator (Senior School)

Walk By Faith and Not By sight

The words of wisdom and experience from Mr. Chopra’s desk to the Graduating batch of 2020.

It is a proud moment for you to graduate. Your graduation is not the end of a long journey but the commencement of an unseen path leading you towards your goal and vision. The horizon leans forward offering you space to place new steps of change... changes that would be constructive to your personal development and to that of society. School life opened your mind to possibilities but now get ready to open your mind to the impossible... I believe the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams and the only way to do great work is to love what you do.

You have been a part of this institution for 13 long years, a place where you have evolved, where even in your toughest times, you focused on what you had rather dwelling on what you did not. It was you who made the best of the worst circumstances and developed your self-esteem, where you learnt that you are braver then what you believed, stronger than what you felt and smarter than what you thought.

As you transformed from boys to men, the classrooms to which you felt alienated on the first day of your arrival to school have now become your comfort zone and soon a place where all your cherished memories of your childhood to adulthood would remain for a life time.

As a student, you stand at the threshold of life's journey, I want to share some lessons life has taught me.

  • FIND YOUR VISION - (Follow it) Irrespective of the hardships, Irrespective of the uniqueness, Irrespective what the society would say, be ASSERTIVE... see where does your interest lie, what ignites your passion, don't follow the herd mentality. Learn not to compromise with your ambition, There will be new beginnings, new journeys and definitely new challenges to explore! BE AN ORIGINAL... Too many among us are afraid to be ourselves. So we give up our dreams to follow the crowd... Have the courage to be your true - and greatest - you. Whatever you want from life is possible...... believe in yourself, believe in your VISION and the rest will follow......
  • NEVER THINK SMALL - Don't compromise your beliefs & goals, match your efforts to it. THINK BIG!! Upgrade your conviction to master your destiny. Keep pushing yourself to it.
  • SLOG IT OUT - Give it your best shot, have no regrets later on. Learn to value your time; there is so substitution for hard work, perseverance & determination for what you do. If you love what you do nothing else matters, nether the awards nor the compensation not even the gratification of seeing yourself acclaimed. I strongly believe it's best for children to work hard to make their dreams come true and to not have things given to them on a platter.
  • IGNORE THE NAYCERS - don't get demoralized with what people have to say because others cannot visualize your dreams, don't let their insecurities penetrate your thought process and dampen your spirit. Imagine your victory, be optimistic. Strive to generate positivity around you even though the environment might not be all that conducive. Go forth in life to achieve your goals, but remember the distance between your dream and reality is called "ACTION".
  • GIVE BACK TO SOCIETY - Don't always be at the receiving end, learn to contribute and give back to society, serve humanity with a sense of gratitude. Please remember we make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we GIVE. It's not just giving back in terms of money. Offer your skills, your talents, your time, your knowledge and wisdom. So it is our duty that when we become capable enough to earn our living fruitfully, we should give back to society a certain percentage of our gifts for the welfare of the lesser privileged. This is not charity; this is our social responsibility, our duty.
  • BELIEVE IN YOURSELF - Believe in yourself to the depths of your being. You have the ability, you have the skills, you have the education and you have the opportunities. Believe always in the talents that you have nurtured over the years and continue to nurture them. There is no place for complacency. You must continually strive to extend yourself even further - little by little every day, every week, every month and every year. But all of this alone is not enough as self trust is derived from your abilities and your capacity to set and achieve goals and commitments.
  • LEARN TO BE HUMBLE - Be grateful & thank the people who helped you through the journey to reach your destination. Learn to Value people..... especially your parents; they have made innumerable sacrifices to see you where you are today. I would like each of you to hold your parents hands and thank them from the bottom of your heart and tell them you love them for all what they have done for you.

As you move beyond the walls of your school, the transition is unavoidable. Be the eternal optimist; always see the best in every situation. I truly believe your thinking really does shape your reality. Whatever the mind of a man can conceive and believe, it can be achieved.

But do remember... Anything that happens is for a good reason..., and Anything that doesn’t happen is only for a better reason!!! Believe, that God is working even though it may not look like it ! Walk by FAITH & not by SIGHT.


Good bye and God Bless each one of you.

Mr. Naresh Chopra
(Senior School Administrator)
St. Columba's School
New Delhi