Administrator (Senior School)

I believe every child is unique and gifted in his own way. We need to discover that potential and help him to excel in it. Winners from all walks of life have their own strategies and plans but they all have one thing in common, they TRY. Keep trying; never lose hope or courage irrespective of the situation or circumstances. You might stumble at times but never give up on your hopes rather give up your frustrations. In life, no one and nothing will help you until you start helping yourself. Failures are only temporary; the only thing that should be permanent is the will to overcome it. Education is the anchor that will sustain you through all walks of life and propel you towards success. All you need to do is to have an aim and work on everything that takes you forward in life.

May this Jubilee year be one of abundant blessings to each one of you.

God Bless!!

Mr. Naresh Chopra
Administrator, Senior School