Headmistress (Junior School)

Children's Day

In November, as we celebrate the birth anniversary of one of our most revolutionary and futuristic leaders, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, his words - "The children of today will make the India of tomorrow. The way we bring them up will determine the future of the country." - hold a gravitas to be remembered for ages.

The other day, as I struggled to download an app on my mobile, the young grandson of my friend, Rohan, offered help. With a frown, I handed over my mobile to him and within no time the app was downloaded on my phone to perfection. What caught my eye was the ease with which the child could achieve the task. The realisation however that dawned on me was the quote that I read several weeks back by Herbert Hoover - "Children are our greatest natural resource."

Well yes, children indeed are our greatest natural resource. However the question that looms large is – "How do we care for our children?" This question is especially compelling in these unprecedented times of the year 2020. It's time that we pause to reflect how we nurture the nature of our children who would be the future citizens of this world.

If only more stress could be laid on the Child Rights and their implementation for each child's advantage... As we mark the celebrations of Children's Day wouldn't it be better to celebrate childhood instead? Well, the irony is that while we celebrate this day with much enthusiasm, there is a flip side of society which shows the plight of downtrodden children on the roads and streets.

What can we, as educators do to uplift those who go unnamed living on the fringes of our society? Well the most important thing that we can do is to sensitise our own little children about the importance of compassion, equality and taking up responsibility for the greater social good.

When Rohan could use his skills to download and unlock an app on the mobile, it's regardless to say that his tremendous resource of intelligence and skill could well be channelized in moulding his thoughts and heart towards care for others. It is when children are nurtured and encouraged to harbour love for others that we might achieve social good in the years to come.

It is when we show our children ways to respect every individual and not judge anyone by colour or economic background, that we may sow a seed in their tender hearts to reap benefits for our community in the future.

So let's revise the significance of Children's Day. Let's pledge to keep the motive intact and actionable to enjoy the day entitled to the children and youth in its truest sense. It might be only a date but let's make it a philosophy of life to celebrate children... to celebrate childhood... !

Let's mould, develop and equip children with the right tools, skills, competencies and capabilities to blossom into their best selves so as to sprinkle joys into the society at large.

I would reiterate what I often say... We can never predict a teachable moment! So let's catch hold of each moment where we can teach the value and goodness of life to our children.

Mrs. Ritu Kaushal
Headmistress, Junior School