Headmistress (Junior School)

"Take ownership of your life decisions rather than relinquishing that responsibility to others." - Frank Sonnenberg

It seems rather ironical that World Health Day falls on 7th April and 22nd April happens to be World Earth Day! With only a span of 2 weeks separating these two relevant dates, there seems to be an indication on how closely related our individual health is to that of our planet.

The past couple of months have been quite unnerving for one and all globally. Needless to say the anxiety and panic of COVID-19 brought the global issue of the hour – 'Health and Hygiene' to fore yet again!

Whether it be the compulsory lock down or the renewed emphasis on health and sanitation, the knocking on doors by COVID-19 has indeed come as a rude reminder.

The radical emergency actions taken by various countries and governments have shown another change... which as per the analysts, shows the first fall in global emissions since the 2008-09 financial crisis.

US author and environmentalist, Bill McKibben wrote that no environmentalist should welcome a crisis, but they could learn from it.

The question that looms large at this crucial juncture is – Is each one of us doing our bit to safeguard life on planet Earth?

Are we reminded of the common good that must supersede the personal interests of each one of us? Are we nurturing our children to be global citizens or are we sowing selfish seeds in their little hearts?

The answers to these questions don’t come easy.

With much discussion on Sustainable Development Goals and achieving sustenance of life on Earth, little but collective steps are the only solutions left.

The beginning of the academic year generally holds much excitement and promise, with new hopes and dreams. We might be turning this new session with mixed feelings though.

However we all need to work with an unwavering hope... and relentless efforts.

It is time to reflect and set goals for the year. Could it be a great idea to focus on OWNERSHIP?

Can it be woven into the fabric of our families and communities..? Can we start small....? Starting with doing that small bit of filling the plate half with food or helping one person at a time or turning off that one tap to stop the trickle, or switching off that one extra bulb...?

While it's very important to carve out this space for students to achieve academic excellence, it’s the non-academic skills and competencies that we need to focus on more.

Ownership is but one of many skills that we aspire to nurture our students with. Developing ownership, or what some might call self-direction, can't be worked upon in isolation. It's only when the school and home, work in alignment to facilitate and create this mindset. It is holistic development that we are aiming for!

Let's take every opportunity this year to develop this vocabulary and build this in our children. Let’s engage our students to foster these skills.

All the best!
God Bless!

Mrs. Ritu Kaushal
Headmistress, Junior Wing