Headmistress (Middle School)

Each year I wonder what will emerge from 'My Desk'. Sharing experiences and insights sounds mundane, but we know that it can never be that. Children present a smorgasbord of events. To take and make from those ingredients a palatable dish acceptable to all, is challenging.

Take a visionary Founder 175 years ago, add a group of like-minded brilliant men, and lay people, spread generously throughout the planet and we have for consumption "The Edmund Rice family of excellent educators".

This is our history maintaining aims and traditions, require constant monitoring and upgrading of pedagogical skills.

We have been deeply immersed in this, taking the help of professionals at great cost. We will only know how successful this has been from observing The Teacher and the Educand. Only results will give us confirmation as to the success of the enterprise.

We return to the drawing board constantly to keep pace with the rapidity of the new, the different, and the practical. Correlating subjects is no longer an option but an imperative. It enhances content when there is holistic support.

There is little dearth of interest from the students especially when called upon to pit knowledge and skills against others. The games field is an arena they revel in.

Always being noted for our value - driven style we accept displays of violence from the alpha male and gentleness from others, it's a mixed bag and our discipline team is alert at all times. Observing the isolated and vulnerable child.

Battling a deteriorating environment with its extremes of temperatures, resultant pollution, attacks of imported, viruses and bacteria which take a severe toll of our student. Add to this the decline in moral standards and schools are bearing the brunt of online gaming, Blue whale and now PUBG. Alcoholism, spread of porn, all keep staff and parents and police in a state of constant fear and tension, as Instragam and Twitter. It is Instagram and Twitter that are giving children tension and leading to lack of self esteem. Building esteem is a top priority.

Learning survival skills, basic first and dealing with daily disasters is a top priority in today’s current scenario.

We have disaster management groups and practices. These cut into teaching periods and stress levels have risen. To combat this we have yoga, meditation and counseling.

The media keeps us informed of cosmic changes, scientific discoveries and old ideas are being overturned with artificial intelligence and the likelihood of robots taking over our lives. The latest and strangest claim that the planet is a hologram created by the original big bang and so what we see is all illusion. Soon we will be dealing with Big Data. This policing is disturbing.

For the moment, "Sufficient unto the day are the evils thereof".

Mrs. Sangeeta Sheel
Headmistress, Middle School