Headmistress (Middle School)

Dear Students,

The other day, a mother's letter on social media congratulating her son on his examination result went viral. Her son had not topped the board exams. He had topped his own ability to work hard and scored 60 % plus. Love and encouragement can work wonders.

I am going to say something now that may appear irrelevant. Sleep! Nothing ruins health and memory and disposition like lack of sleep at night. Dozing off in the day is no substitute. You must get three hours of sleep before midnight, and another seven after 12. This will give your memory an extraordinary boost.

No matter how extensive your course textbooks and teachers are, neither are sufficiently equipped to ensure your future job opportunity, aspirations or your career nor how efficiently your teachers explain the finer points. You may land up in a B P O temporarily. Your parents may be able to support you in these WANDER years. Do not bank on it. You need to take responsibility for your own life.

A century ago the greatest dangers were natural: microbes, floods, famine, wild animals. Today they are manmade. We have War....Pollution....Starvation. The source of these three lies in our sentiments: greed, hostility, arrogance, carelessness, narcissism and nationalism. Once the study of values was of individual concern to lead a good life. Today it is a matter of collective human survival. If you feel this is a branch of philosophy then it's time to consider yourself a philosopher....or else....I leave this unfinished....

Today is today and it's all we have. My blessing which includes all those who are part of Columba's for this moment and beyond. YOU ARE LOVED APPRECIATED AND PRAYED FOR. GO IN PEACE. KEEP THE FLAG FLYING.

Mrs. Sangeeta Sheel
Headmistress, Middle School