Headmistress (Middle School)

Preparing for a future Career,

“The time is Now”

WHAT Will I BE? This is the response to the question ‘what will you be when you grow up?’

I might be a-um-my parents will decide.

They really don’t know! Parents want a Doctor or Lawyer an Engineer or even a Politician. Kids went along with this up to grade six or seven. Then came the age of the computer. Now it was another bandwagon to jump on. Job opportunities expanded in a much more interesting way. Yet students still remained hazy regarding their future.

The Corporate sector became digitalized. Bankers beamed! The Golden Age had arrived! No time to have children, so families shrank. However, the poor remained poor and uneducated but expanded their families. The armed forces received a trickle of the daring and patriotic. Teaching fell into the hands of women. Principals remained men. Rural life depended on either farming or dairy work. When famine and drought took their toll, the starving poor suffered. Yet their numbers increased!
Today the demographic pyramid is lopsided.

Here is a real-life scenario. Girl of 11 not doing well in school. What does that mean? For teachers and parents it means she is either not studying or she is not smart.

Really? What would you say if this child knows exactly what she wants to do?

She is studying her German in class but as second language. What she is studying online is French, Italian, and Spanish. So, does she want to be an interpreter? Right? No, wrong!

She is learning the Language of food and cookery terms every day. She watches every cookery show on television. Messes around in the kitchen and grows herbs in small containers. Yes, she is a Michelin in the making.

“I want to be a Chef”, she tells her parents.

“We think you will make a good Lawyer.” Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

We cannot live our lives and fulfill our dreams and expectations through our children. They must be allowed with guidance to make their own choices.

The World Today

What is the world looking at?

What are we in India seeing?

TOO MANY PEOPLE. Not enough jobs, so several opt for whatever is available. This leads to job dissatisfaction. It becomes an imperative for all educational Institutions to rethink programmes aimed at the future of the educand.

Identifying innate skills involves constructing programmes which are designed in a manner to do just that. Why go to a college that has limited seating if your school has helped to uncover your actual potential?

Well-constructed questionnaires focus on what is available. These are readily available. Just Google.

What fits your personality? This is not just for students. There are several choices.

Imagine how difficult it is to keep track of every student while generally prepping the class for an unpredictable future. Impossible!!

So what do we have? INTERDISCIPLINARY Learning. A buzz Phrase for Holistic Education. We cannot reset issues. We are restricted by a pre-set curriculum. Deadlines and Assessment. Does all this take us back to square ONE?

Let us consider the following:

What separates a Commercial pilot from an AIRFORCE pilot? A bomber/fighter /helicopter from a transport pilot? Take any discipline. You will find NOTHING is cut and dried.

This picture has so moved children world-wide and also tiny Koalas dying. It means that despite Political and Religious discord, children have not lost their innate compass of empathy... COMPASSION. This brings us back to what helps a student decide, even tentatively, which career they are best suited for. The school has Value Education which heads the list. PATRIOTISM MUST BE part of this. A person of Ethics, with a strong civic sense and a caring and sharing nature can follow any career if the basic character is molded.

The Government, under the present Prime Minister advocated that English should commence from K.G. Okay, good decision - but as important is the mother tongue - foreign languages and Hindi in the Indo Gangetic area. India has over 300 languages and many dialects so choosing English as a link is a sound idea. Embassies are prepared to send their interpreters and teachers to help us with their particular language. No school can deal with the multifarious demands for foreign languages. German, French, Japanese and Spanish are usually on offer. The Language of food we have dealt with, the language of music, and movement, Mandarin is lacking an extinct language of medicine but like Sanskrit still being used.

Music, movement, public speaking, debating which are usually covered at Intra-Class and Inter-Class and at inter school levels - encourage students to go in and not with the Flow. Here it indicates deciding to win at all costs.

All we can do is observe, encourage, advise and re-skill where feasible. A single essay cannot convey the innumerable avenues but the person of the future will be an ENTERPRENUER - one who dares to go where no one else has been-like the athlete he stays in but not with the flow - focused and mentally charged. They understand that there is no point in competing if they don’t care about winning. When YOU win your NATION wins.

Note: It is quite common for some people to change horses mid stream which adds to their capabilities.

God Bless
Mrs. Sangeeta Sheel

Headmistress, Middle Section