Headmistress (Middle School)

“You can’t turn the wind, so turn the sail.” (African Proverb)

Taking a new tack while steering the Middle Section through the troubled waters of adolescence in a fast-changing world will always be the priority issue when 1760 boys are to be calmed into responsible young people so that by grade eleven when they leave this building the gentling process will be well underway. Therefore DISCIPLINE and strategies that can bring this about is high on my wish list. I plan to push the X1Vth Dalai Lama’s twin pet approaches: ALTRUISM and COMPASSION to combat the atmosphere of violence.

Contributing to the above is the poison of drugs and alcohol, which in all schools is trickling down ever lower to the younger classes. Increased vigilance by all, knowing what signs to look out for, and more prefect monitoring will be on the cards.

I am aware of the fact that a number of children come to school hungry and remain hungry through the day. This issue is being given serious consideration by the School. Feeding children information on empty stomachs will not achieve much. They need food glorious food!

For real learning to take place, a child must be engulfed by feelings of comfort support and acceptance.

The learning-teaching process is only as good as those involved in teaching. EXCELLENCE can only be achieved when both teacher and pupil become life-long learners. This is particularly the case as we step into an era in education which is unlike anything we have experienced in the past. Suddenly we are made aware that the world is shooting ahead with novel ideas and we, considered the brightest people in the world, are being left behind and even caught in the slipstream Nobody can really imagine what the world, and even human beings, will look two or three decades down the line. We are fast moving from using technology to alter our external environment to using it to also alter what exists within our own bodies. Preparing our next generation for such profound known unknowns is the educational challenge ahead of us.

A rounded education however goes much beyond methodology. We live in a shrinking planet, one that ecologically has reached a tipping point of no return. Our economies are more entwined, and people more mobile, physically and virtually, than in the past. Suddenly we are not just Indians but Earthlings, and what is more, cosmologists. We can see Einstein---------ian theories being vindicated, and we are made aware that we all sail in the same large vessel to an unknown destination. Yet we seem to be growing more divided by faith, by nationality, by income, and to be moving away from the cooperative spirit necessary to survive as a species. It is we adults who hold children back from being truly secular. They are more honest than we are. The Middle Section pledges itself to start marching to the beat of this new drummer.

Preparing our students for this brave new world is the need of the hour.

When Edmund Rice was invited by Rome to teach in Gibraltar, he responded, and though his Brothers did not last too long there, one thing impressed him. While all his schools were free, it was becoming increasingly difficult to support these schools. He saw how the schools in Gibraltar were all pay-schools. He thought if he could charge the rich and thereby support the poor it would solve his problems. After a long and difficult time he finally managed to sell this idea of the rich supporting education for the poor and this policy is maintained till this date all over the world and here in India. Although ours is a paying school, the fees are the lowest amongst comparable schools in Delhi and the boys are a cross section of the city and NCR. No one can be termed “rich” as such. The less privileged share the same education and we do not really know who they are as this is confidential. It is true that some schools are almost totally dependent on charity, somehow. The Christian Brothers continue to struggle on in village and semi urban places where they see the need. We feel proud to be part of this endeavour.

Mrs. Sangeeta Sheel
Headmistress, Middle School