Headmistress (Middle School)

Dear Students,


This article is directed at all children, parents, teachers, nurses, civil servants and the Narcotics departments.

The world over has one besetting problem - drugs and their terrible side effects. Some drugs are derived from plants and others are synthetically produced. Some are vital for allaying pain and curing disease. However, no drug whatever its purpose, is harmless. The liver, the brain and ultimately the psyche, each pay a huge price for their use and misuse.

A lot of people are under the impression that because Canada has made the use of marijuana legal it is now okay for the rest of world to lie around zombied in their minds. The world’s scientists and microbiologists are onto cures and vaccines the moment a disease becomes national or pandemic. Before an operation, patients are given drugs to relax them, calm them down, minimize pain and an antibiotic to fight infection. Names like morphia, atropine, and pethidine are commonplace.

No matter the name, drugs are painkillers and hallucinogens are narcotics. Each one is habit forming and if you try it once, just out of curiosity, you are hooked, and your goose is cooked for life as you try and fight the terrible urge for more and more. Yes, getting free of the stranglehold is a lifelong battle in which the whole of society is involved. How? Why? These drugs are an organized big business. They are expensive, illegal, and whether harvested in fields or formulated in factories, down the line, money is being made as livers are losing the battle against the aftereffects of ridding the body of these toxins.

Not all addiction is drug related. We can be addicted to work and become workaholics. So, the suffix – aholic means addicted to. "Too much of a thing is good for nothing" is a wise saying. Take sugar. Cutting down on sugar and upping your physical output keeps you fit and slender. And youthful. It prevents type 2 diabetes, skin allergies and reduces hyperactivity in children. It has been proved that cancer cells feed on sugar. Sugar is addictive. And giving up sugar cannot only make you slender and fit, but also rid you of diabetics and Cancer.

Sugar-laden cold drinks are also addictive. So, try this - we have can juices which are seasonal. Sugarcane juice with ginger and lime is refreshing, natural and seasonal. When the Juice is cooked, and it begins to age, it is full of iron and given to nursing mothers. Ancient lore should be given due respect.

Take chocoholics. Eschew the milky varieties and go for darker and darker varieties.

What causes anyone to go down this path of destruction? As previously mentioned, to escape from stress, curiosity, to have a good time, to improve athletic performance, peer pressure, anxiety or depression, and 'Pushers' who may even circulate the drug through sweets, ice cream pin pricks in buses, etcetera. You are their target and become willful victims. They will do anything to get new 'hop heads' for their Masters. The chain of command is long and untraceable.

Even the Poor will go days without food just to save money for a 'fix'.

Men and women, girls and boys, including very young children, are all at risk of becoming addicts. What makes matters worse is when cigarettes and alcohol addiction is used to heighten the effect.

We are aware of the many actors, both men and women, who were addicted to drugs. To name a few - Michael Jackson, Marilyn-Monroe, Elvis Presley died (over dosed) due to many reasons, stress being one of them.

How many are aware that we nearly lost the cream of our youth to addiction in the Punjab and the North East due to anti- national Elements and our enemies who do not wish us well? They wish to see a weakened India.

Whether the drug is a hallucinogen or any one or other of the innumerable varieties, all are destructive and habit-forming. Almost impossible to give up.

The saddest part is that there are many unscrupulous care givers who introduce tiny babies to drugs. Just to keep them sedated and quiet.

We are all supposed to be living till at least 100 years if not more. Fit and happy and enjoying our families. Peace is possible, happiness is our right. So, stay away from all drug including alcohol. Help others to do the same. Remind them of this quote - "I much prefer to be high on life than in it" Joshua Michael Levinson.

All Nations, including those with teeming millions, understand that Children are the future of the world. We love our children as much. Once again SAY NO TO DRUGS AND MEAN IT.

Mrs. Sangeeta Sheel
Headmistress, Middle School