Outreach Programme


Class 9C, went for an outreach programme to a NGO PROJECT ANKUR at Vasant Kunj,on 31st July 2019  It was established in 2014, when a very sorrowful tragedy happened with the slum people, as their colonies turned into ashes due to huge fire. At that time, many NGO’s came together to help the victims and one of them was PROJECT ANKUR.  It was a multi-stor...

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Class 9-E went on an outreach visit to Muskaan NGO in Vasant Kunj on 7 th August 2019 with their class teacher Mrs. Ragini Nigam. The students began the visit with a guided tour of the campus, which helped them appreciate the wide-ranging efforts being made by the Muskaan establishment. The students observed the residents going about their daily activities s...

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Title : OUTREACH PROGRAM (2019-20)

As a part of their outreach program, the boys of class 9-B went to the Jeevan Jyoti orphanage founded by the Mother Teresa foundation, on Friday the 2nd of August 2019. They were accompanied by their class teacher Mrs. M Mathews. The experience that the boys had was very touching. It made them realize the blessings that they have in the form of good health, parents, loving...

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The toy bank being hosted by the senior school Just Ed society is a culmination of all what children’s-rights activists have been working towards, ensuring all children have the right to play. This is a unique, one-of a kind venture on part of our school, and we look forward to many more such events happening at our school.  Children are the future of our natio...

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Title : OUTREACH PROGRAMME - CLASS 10 (2019-20)

May was the month for class 10 outreach. All five section visited Nirmal Hriday -  a place for destitutes . The class teacher and a parent representative accompanied the students. The students prepared prayers and cultural program for the inmates. The students also generously donated juices , Glucon D, etc. at the centre.

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Title : CLASS ASSEMBLY BY 10D (2019-20)

Class  10D presented an assembly on 21st  may ,2019. The topic was ‘Prayer is platinum’. Students emphasized on the harmful effects of noise, on how we should communicate with each other and with God. The day should begin by sitting in silence everyday for some time in prayer. They ended their assembly with a beautiful poem which stated that God is with...

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Title : OUTREACH PROGRAMME - CLASS 3 (2018-19)

“We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop” -Mother Teresa   We live in a world which is running at a great pace, where everyone is trying to outrun each other and are focused on one thing i.e. “Me”. In these present times, we are experiencing the gre...

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Title : OUTREACH PROGRAMME - CLASS 2 (2018-19)

Outreach activities and programmes form an integral part of the education in St. Columba’s. It encourages the students to get in touch with the community, reach out to various people and work for causes that concern the environment. The outreach topic for the boys of class 2 was -Wealth out of Waste! The teachers of class 2 collaborated with the NGO -SAFE. SAFE ...

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