Kg School Events

Title : MORNING ASSEMBLY (2017-18)

All sections of KG are taking turns to conduct the morning assembly.The students of KG C started the morning assembly with an air of liveliness and enthusiasm.Daniel Fernandez said the lords prayer and then Arnav James shared the thought for the day...Don't waste your mistakes..learn from them.This was followed by the song"Out in the garden" with props that adde...

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Title : NATURE STUDY (2017-18)

As part of their EVS-Nature Study, the students of kindergarten went for a 'Nature Walk' . They studied the parts of a plant and the parts of a tree and learnt about the basic function of each part.To understand the texture of the surface of the trunk of a tree, an activity of 'bark rubbing' was conducted.This will be used in an art project about trees.

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Title : SPLENDOUR (2017-18)

Competition is a social process which teaches children control and competence in a challenging environment.Keeping this in mind, five students of the kindergarten took part in their first inter school competition on 16th September 2017 at 'Splendour 2017' hosted by Bal Bharati Public School, New Delhi.Among the participants of the thirty three schools who contested in...

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Title : BOOKTALK (2017-18)

BookTalk is a reading program for our kindergarteners to encourage them to take up reading as a hobby. Every book is read in the class and uploaded on the smart board if it has a digital format.An activity is carried out based on the book, to make it a more engaging experience.Copies of the book are kept in the class library, for children to read at leisure.Any guesses for th...

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Title : INDEPENDENCE DAY (2017-18)

Education is the Freedom Flight   Independence Day was celebrated with patriotic fervour by the children of the kindergarten sections. They sang the flag songs and learnt about the National symbols.Drawing of the national bird,flower and activities related to the festival was done.  

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Title : RHYME TIME PART-I (2017-18)

Do you long for a song? Then hear it here! The rhyme and the rhythm will get you moving with the actions of these tiny hands and feet.Singing helps them to develop language, communication and also bond with each other and thus it's a regular feature in our curriculum. You will be amazed at the synchronization, and the exuberance is definitely infectious!   &...

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Title : THE READING RAT (2017-18)

It's a little furry mammal but in our kindergarten class, it's a learning tool -the Reading Rat. Imagine the thrill as the boys pulled their rat's tail to read the CVC words as the slider tail moved to make new words! At the end of the session nobody wanted to tall tale this!

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If your mind is ignited, you are ready to blast off into learning! And that's precisely what these kindergarteners did! On colourful rockets, they displayed their flair at number sequencing,motivation being the fuel that fired them.Look at the proud display of their work!

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