Middle School Events

Title : AWARD CEREMONY :- (2019-20)

The theme of the Middle Section Awards this year was 21st CENTURIONS and the takeaway mantra for the awardees and students of Class 10 seated in the audience was DETERMINATION – to never give up on their dreams, to never give up on their goals! The choir of the Middle Section gave a perfect rendition of the song BURN IN ME by Paul Wilbur and Steve Alexander hit all t...

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The Literary Club, an initiative under the umbrella of the English Language Development Programme (ELDP), was envisioned to provide a creative platform for students to foster love for and appreciation of the English language. A session was conducted on Wednesday, 10th July by Tijil Garg, an ex-Columban, with the objectives of developing confidence and honing the oratory skill...

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Title : SCIENCE SYMPOSIUM (2019-20)

The annual science symposium took place on 11 July 2019 in the middle school auditorium and physics lab. Eight teams from different sections of class tenth participated in the science symposium with their presentations and four teams with their models. Mrs N. Menezes and Mrs V. Chauhan were invited as judges for the event. Annual SYMSCI gives students an opportunity to explor...

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Title : MORNING ASSEMBLIES (2019-20)

The Middle School students organized various Morning Assemblies on relevant topics. Enthusiastic students under the guidance of their teachers, took up poignant and thought provoking issues and presented them using various mediums like role play, placards, etc. While the students of Class 10A, emphasized the 'Importance of Education', students of Class 10B, introduced...

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Justice society and Eco club celebrated Mandela Day on 18th July 2019 in the Middle School.   Power point presentation on the work, views and thoughts of Nelson Mandela was prepared by Akshat Chaddha and Japman of class 9B, which was shown to the student of middle school.   To spread the awareness of Mandelian thoughts, an artistic board was prepared by Sidh...

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Title : CCBI TOURNAMENT (2019-20)

St Columba's took part in Football, Basketball and Badminton Tournament conducted by St Vincent School, Asansol. In Football St Columba's was out in league stage and in Basketball and Badminton, St Columba's was the runners up in the respective tournament. Baskar Dutt Sports-Incharge  

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Title : MORNING ASSEMBLY CLASS-10 B (2019-20)

TOPIC: THE PRINCIPLE OF KAIZEN AND ITS PRACTICAL APPLICATION IN LIFE  This unique school of thought focuses on simplicity, living in the present, and making continuous improvements.  The idea was introduced through a role play. The principles and their practical application in life  were  also discussed.  Prioritizing, time management, and self &n...

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