Middle School Events

Title : ASSEMBLIES (2019-20)

The Middle School students organised various Morning  Assemblies, through the month of April,2019. Enthusiastic students under the guidance of their teachers, took up poignant and thought provoking issues and presented  them very creatively. While the students of Class 5A showcased the theme of being 'A Good Samaritan', Class 7 A, enacted a conversation betw...

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A special assembly to welcome the new batch of class IV was conducted on 1st April 2019. It was class IV teachers who brought the students from the Junior school building to the Middle school building.  The students of class V welcomed the incoming Class 4 Batch with a bookmark, to the tunes of Bhangra  and music. The students of class IV were introduced to the Head...

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Title : INCLUSION WEEK (2019-20)

The Annual Justice Education Workshop was conducted by Ms. Neha Pradhan Arora from the 8th to the 12th of April. The theme for this year was BUILDING INCLUSIVE COMMUNITIES. 28 students from Class 9 participated in a four-day training in which they explored and tried to expand their understanding of community. They also learnt how to identify the values that make an inclusive ...

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Title : UMANG MELA (2019 -20)

On 7th April 2019, the Edmund Rice Hall became witness to this spectacular event for the underprivileged children! While the underprivileged were made aware of their right to Rest, Leisure and Recreational activities, our own students learnt that ' We Rise By Simply Lifting Others'! An attempt was made to make the day  memorable for the underprivileged children b...

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The Investiture Ceremony for the year 2019-20 for Classes 4 to 10 was organized on 25th April 2019, on the Middle School Ground.   At the commencement of the ceremony, the student leaders lined up on the foyer steps, smartly turned out in their impeccable school uniforms and exhibited the epitome of discipline.  They took the oath to rise up to the call of duty in a...

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Title : EC ORIENTATION CLASS 4 (23-04-2019)

Date: 23rd April, 2019 Venue: Edmund Rice Hall The power point presentation was shown with brief introduction, enrollment process and functioning of the Enrichment Centre.   After orientation, parents of differently abled children were gathered in the Middle School Auditorium. They were addressed by Mrs. S. Sheel ( headmistress of middle section) along wit...

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Title : ORIENTATION CLASS 4 (23-04-2019)

Date: 23rd April, 2019 Venue: Edmund Rice Hall (ERH) An orientation programme for the parents of Class 4 was organized on 23rd April, 2019. Since the parents were new to this wing, this orientation played a key role in introducing them to the main aspects and norms of the Middle school. The session began with a warm welcome note by our Principal, Br.Miranda along wit...

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Title : PARENT ORIENTATION CLASS 9 (10-04-2019)


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