Dear Columbans and all well-wishers!

We've had an early move out of winter in Delhi this February – with the warmest February for a number of years! So we can look forward to a long summer. However, the spring season is surely the best in Delhi and I am sure that all of us open our eyes in wonder to the wonderful splash of colour in every garden! Since most of you are unable to come to school – I am pleased to inform you that the school fields are lush green and the flowers are blooming! Only the regular life of the campus at this time is missing – most importantly our students! We hope that the bright summer ushers in a bright future for the world as we keep responding to the life-changes-challenges which the corona virus presents to us.

Thankfully in the month of February we did have some of our students and teachers make their presence in school. Our class XII students came in for some practical classes and remedial classes. Our class 10s and 12s were also offered the opportunity to come into school for their Board Preparatory Examination – and some of them did. Our class 9s and XIs too have been offered the opportunity to come in for remedial classes and the opportunity of doing the Final Term exam onsite and some have opted to do so. We have continued to support all students through online classes.

In the month of March we come to an end of a very very different year to any which we have had before! I wish to place on record my appreciation to all staff, students and parents for responding to so much change in life with such adaptability, hope, courage, patience and good will. We had bandied about the statement that the only thing we can be sure of in life is change and did we get a dose of it! However, while we are still adapting / being creative and innovative to the new normal, I believe we can acknowledge that we have coped quite well. We each need to commend ourselves. It’s not possible that we get everything correct – we did falter – we did react – we did retract – we did re-plan – we did re-skill and we did try again! What a dose of life and how we tapped into our inner resources and didn’t find them wanting! Congratulations to all of us – but we are not at the end of this life-changing occurrence – so I continue to wish you the very best.

During this month we will taking a step forward and our students will be moving to their next classes. The 2021-22 academic year commences on the 1st April 2021, but because of the Easter holidays from the 1st to the 5th April our classes will commence on the 6th April.

Our theme for this month’s newsletter is "World Water Day (22nd March) and the first thought which comes to my mind is the event on the 8th February when a portion of the Nada Devi glacier broke off and caused a huge flash flood in that area of the Himalayan region. There was a tragic loss of life, but this incident was also another tragic event in the consequences of climate change on our environment and on our earth. On the 28th February, we were informed that a portion of the Arctic ice cap, the size of metropolitan London had broken loose – the Arctic and Antarctic ice caps are shrinking and the potential for raising ocean water levels and the consequences on human habitation and life was once again brought to our attention. On the other hand, we have areas of our world impacted by floods while others face drought. World Water day is a reminder to each of us to consider these events. Yes, we must take our individual small and vital steps, but we are called on today to discuss these issues and work towards a concerted human effort to ensure water and water safety in all of its diverse forms. The school has embedded the SDGs into our curriculum and in 2021-22 we are particularly focusing on Water. I suggest for your further reading

With every best wish,

Principal, St. Columba’s School