Dear Columbans,

When you receive this newsletter we will have concluded the election of a new government in our country - the longest electoral process in the world's largest democracy !

This is not a letter on politics, yet politics is truly a part of our lives and surely education plays its role in forming the citizens who will lead the country into its future be it directly in politics or in building up our nation through the varied lives they will lead.

As I reflect on the process – and hope to have more time during the much awaited summer holidays – and as I get to know better the young people in school, I’m filled with hope and anxiety. Hope – because these young persons have so much human goodness and capability ; and anxiety because the world in which they are educated in, can be so different in values from the public world.

This leads us educators, parents and stakeholders to ask questions like:-

  • How do rectify the balance in our education system between knowledge to get students to attempt to get close 100% in their Board Exams (at St Columba's we work with students to reach their potential using differentiated teaching and supports) and a more holistic appreciation of life (involving personal and social awareness).
  • How do give students an innocent childhood / youthful life, yet enable them to experience appropriate vulnerability by being in touch with the greed, selfishness and inequality in society ?
  • How do we help students live the balance between the need to work for their own wellbeing and at the same time work for the well being of society and nature ?
  • St Columba's was set up in the years leading to our independence and our mission is to create leaders who will lead our country to achieve the ideals of the constitution. How do we do that when behavior and ethics in political life and in the country and in the world has sunk so low ?

As the present leader of the school community, I invite you to join me in this reflection and share your thoughts with me on these consequential questions. The teaching and administrative staff spend many days in orientation during the year discussing such matters. I thank those parents who have made it a point to be present at the various Parent Orientations which help us to be better partners in the education of our very fine children.

I commend so many of our alumni who while being successful in public life have a deep sense of social concern. They have also learnt how to be grateful and to look for ways to give back to their school for the treasured years they spent her – I'm sure they have a similar sense of responsibility for their society and country. The generosity of our young Columbans to our associate staff on May, 1st, was a strong signal of their growing concern for those at the margins.

We congratulate Mr Naresh Chopra, presently, Administrator, the Senior School, whose completion of 25 years of service at St Columba's was celebrated by the students and Staff of the Senior School . Mr Naresh Chopra has truly been an impactful teacher carrying the true spirt of and Edmund Rice Educational institution and St Columba’s. Congratulations - Mr. Chopra !

Wishing us all every blessing,

Principal, St. Columba’s School