Dear Columbans and well-wishers,

I'm so pleased that we can have this communication with you after a short break !

The academic year has commenced - all of our students are in (including the new class XIs) and we look expectantly towards the process of education over the coming year. There's a very positive spirit among our students – they’re happy and positive – and it's wonderful to relate to them ! Our teachers are putting in tremendous work and effort to enhance their skills and to help work with the students to live their destiny ! I wish to acknowledge many resource persons who have supported us and continue to do so – Hearth Educational services and the British Council and especially our alumni who, annually grow in their support to the school.

We have many achievements to be highlighted:

As mentioned, The alumni have been a huge support to the progress and development of the school:

  • The OCT (Old Columban Trust) and the CET (Columban Endowment Trust - 1976 batch) are jointly funding the Post Audit quality enhancement efforts of the school. The following are our objectives for the year 2019-20
    • Guidance for university entrance and preparation for competitive examinations – helping each student from the commencement of his schooling to know and understand himself with the help of documentary evidence and work towards each student building a profile of himself especially from classes 9 to 12 with the intention of building the ambition of our students to target the best opportunities after school to reach their life dreams / plans.
    • Initiating a Coding and digital technology programmes
    • Use of data to guide academic planning by administration, teachers and students.
    • English assessment and support through the school but particular through interventions in the Junior school.
    • Communication programme – these newsletters – to keep the Columban community informed, united and enthused.
    • Worksheets to help our students reach their planned objectives – at all classes.
    • Improving the ASSET performance.
    • British Council ELSQP - enhancing teacher skills.
    • Identifying Learning Outcomes for each lesson and each year, measuring the same and working towards improvement.
    • Mechanism for storage of Legacy Material & Resources.
  • Further the alumni have been very supportive in enhancing the facilities in the school and through their financial support we are hoping to have to have the following initiatives taken up shortly and completed by the end of the summer holidays
    • Multi-purpose games facilities on artificial turf at the cricket nets area of the middle school and the tennis court area of the Junior school.
    • The renovation of the senior school chemistry laboratory
    • Beginning a process of changing the student's desks and chairs in classes - we shall be changing the student's furniture in a class (5 sections) in each part of the school (junior, middle and senior).
    • Making our buildings disabled friendly by installing lifts in each building (only to be used for physically challenged persons). We shall also be having ramps made for all the buildings – ground floor.
    • Creating a sound proof music room and a multi-activity room in the senior school

I wish to thank each student’s parents for their support to the school, for joining with the staff in creating a united vision for the education of our students – they have done this by attending Orientation Programmes which have been held for the parents of all classes. I further wish to than the many parents who have contributed additional sums to the school at this time when the school is facing financial challenges. The support of the members of the PTA Executive cannot be measured - thank you to the team for working with the administration and teachers; encouraging our teachers; acknowledging the service of staff as they retire !

In gratitude to each of you and the Divine for leading and guiding the school – may we blessed as embrace the future.

Sapere Aude – "Dare to know"

Principal, St. Columba’s School