Dear Columbans - present and past, Parents and well-wishers,

Greetings to you as Delhi is smothered in the unhealthiest atmosphere its possibly ever experienced and when schools are closed for fear the exposure would be to school-going children. The whole population of this city, however, is suffering the effects and its just that people need to go about their daily work !

The blame game continues... but what's the solution... If there's a solution? How do we go back on the population and building explosion of so many years ? What can be done about Delhi being just in a pocket of the country that hardly gets a good shower of rain - I believe that the slight drizzle we got last evening only made the atmospheric condition even worse? In an age when there are so many farmer suicides, what is a reasonably priced alternative to stubble burning in our neighbouring states ?

Were not our editorial board for the monthly newsletter a bit prophetic when they chose as the theme for this month's newsletter to be "Save the turtles" – or would people scream and retort that matters have come closer home and we have become the turtles !

In the midst of all of this, St Columba's has been, thankfully, an oasis of care and concern. We have just concluded Sports Days in the senior and middle schools and the last month has seen hectic activity to prepare for the event – I hope, however, that unlike those who did not heed the call to bursting no crackers while the Delhi atmosphere is so vile or like Nero, who played his harp while Rome burned, we didn't miss the point and have all learned the lesson of seeking the most conducive means of keeping our bodies fit. Both Sports events and the Junior school sports which occur in the month of December - were unique this year, in that we attempted to have an inclusive sports meet by including age appropriate students from special schools participate at the races - in which some of our students joined our friends by taking on some of the physical disabilities. I am sure that the hearts of all Columbans were enhanced by the experience - thank you to our friends who accepted our invitation.

So, take care ! How can we as Columbans be agents of hope to our city and society at large ? We are told that relevant education enables the educated have creative ideas in response to an evolving world – this is the real test ! I hope that we come through with flying colours !!! Where's the oxygen ?

God bless you !

Principal, St. Columba’s School