Dear Columbans !

Wishing all of you a wonderful 2020 !

I'm sure you've heard that wish an unaccountable number of times over since the 1st Jan ! We each have been the recipients of so much good will and positive vibes - and we have passed on to others every best wish from all the goodness of our hearts ! Isn't that wonderful - everyone in the world on the 1st Jan exuded and received so much good will ! The earth and the universe must have glowed !!! I wonder whether we will be able to measure the effect of goodness around the universe – I know that we can gauge (measure-actually view on a screen) when a mind is feeling positive and when it's not !

What about continuing the positivity throughout the year ? What about – smiling to myself each morning the first time I see myself in the mirror ? What about making a conscious decision that I will wish people I meet - a "Good Morning !" or a "Good afternoon !" or a "Good evening !" or finally a "Good night !" A wish and a smile always gets back a positive response ! we could start a revolution of goodwill ! Are you on ?

As we start the new year, we need hope and positivity ! "Yes, we can !" is the spirit the world needs today – you and I, with those around us, can make a positive difference ! Others are essentially good (we all will slip up now and again ! – spread understanding and forgiveness !) and can we keep faith in ourselves and others ?

This is not only a human endeavor - we are made more convinced that "we can" because we have experienced that the Divine smiles on us each time the Divine wakes us up to another day – it's a sign from the Divine that the Divine's hope in us glows ! Each day is a sign from the Divine that the Divine has entrusted each one of us with the task of making life in the world the wonderful experience the Divine always wanted it to be ! The Divine loves each one of us - that's why we were given the opportunity of life ! That's why everyone and all creation around us exists !

On the 12th Jan is "National Youth Day" ! and just like a new born child brings a smile to our lips – so does each young person – you're the sign to those of us with wrinkles, that you are the hope of dreams yet to come to fruition ! We believe in you and commit ourselves to you to help you fulfill the role you've been destined for ! - "You're the ones we’ve been waiting for !"

Maybe, you feel that I am over optimistic – what about the division and struggle in our country and around the world ? What about the deteriorating climate ? What about the millions of refuges ? What about the millions of poor ? What about the widening gap between the haves and have-nots ? Have I forgotten these ? No ! I have definitely not forgotten about these, but I refuse to despair ! It is a challenge – but the Divine helps me to have hope – the scriptures sustain me ! – Please go to your scriptures and spend time with the Divine – there's no hoping without realizing that the Divine can ! But the mysterious thing is that the Divine has entrusted this transition to us ! The Divine believes in us, continues to believe in us, in spite of us seeming to have done such a poor job after so many millennia !

When we look at life in despair, we forget the giant strides we have taken down the centuries. Thankfully we have an evolving understanding of democracy - we have the right to protest (peacefully - please ! We have no right to destroy common property or harm others, or insist that others think like us !), we have made such strides in medicine – so that each of us can live longer (the Divine shows us that we are required here on earth, for a longer time !).

Happy 2020 - all of it !

Principal, St. Columba’s School