Dear Columbans,

It’s 2021 ! Wishing you a happy New Year ! May all your wishes for 2021 be fulfilled !!!!

That’s what each of us wish for, for everyone! But are our wishes all focused to the same end? Could some of our wishes be the opposite of what others would wish for? How, then, is each of us to get what each of us wants?

Could the experience of the years which have passed help us to move ahead with a more united and common view?

That would be my prayer for 2021 – May we all see and be guided by the bigger picture – the bigger picture which is a lot more than my personal hopes for my life – which in themselves are marvelous – so long as they fit into the bigger picture. May I / we have the magnanimity of heart to try and ‘get’ the bigger picture. It’s challenging to see beyond myself and my existence. But it’s not impossible. It seems that this is also very necessary if we are to save our world and our lives!

Understanding that this “getting the bigger picture” and working towards it – and learning to put my personal and sometimes limited needs to a back space - is a truly challenging journey, I wish and pray for myself and for all persons that magnanimity of heart.

Many may ask - why? Why should we bother?

This is the purpose of education. Education occurs in schools, but education takes place wherever we allow it to take place. Education may be measured to a certain extent by the marksheets we receive and we work so hard for. However, we will never appreciate education if we confine it to getting a wonderful result at the end of each class and at the Board Examinations.

I received the news on the 28th December that St Columba’s school had been ranked India's #10 and Delhi NCR's #1 & Delhi's #1 in Career Counseling Leaders in the Education World Grand Jury Awards 2020-21. I know that all Columbans would be proud of this acknowledgement. But what does it mean – it means that among all the schools in Delhi NCR, St Columba’s School does the most and has the most effective programme in assisting and educating our students towards awareness of themselves – their unique personalities, interests, abilities, and potential and helps them to vision their future. How did we do this? We did this, thanks to our wonderful school counsellors – Sumit Yadav, Aarti Bardhan, Sangeeta Tripathi, Nandita Kalra, and teachers who volunteered to be part of the career counselling team – Mahima Malhotra, Sonia Sharda, Ratika Malhotra and myself who have got ourselves trained in this field (or are in the process of getting ourselves trained) – so far Sumit Yadav and myself have done the final Career Masters Course and been certified by the NCDA (National Career Development Association – USA) as Career Coaches – the others have completed the advanced course and will be skilling themselves further. I thank Dennis Mathew, Poornima Dhasmana and Ruchi Vohra for joining the team and commencing their training. We hope to have a team of 20 career coaches as we endeavor to coach ALL the class 9, 10, 11 & 12 students. I acknowledge the support of “Mindler” – a career counseling company with whom the school partners.

It is with a relief that we heard of the announcement of the dates for the CBSE class X and XII Board Exam dates and we endeavor to support our students through this extended time of preparation. Let us hope that the covid situation in the country keeps improving and that the exams can be held safely. We wish the students every blessing in their preparation.

Finally, I acknowledge the 32+ years of service of Mr Bhagat Singh Negi, our school electrician. He is a gentleman and could be full trusted to his work conscientiously. We wish God Bless in the next part of his life.

We trust in the Divine to lead us all and the whole universe to the fullness of life!

Yours Sincerely,

Principal, St. Columba’s School