Special Assembly

Junior Assembly

Title : ASSEMBLY CLASS 1E (2019-20)

The Morning Assemblies are eagerly anticipated by the students and teachers alike in the Junior Wing. They are part of the several important practices in our school which invigorate and prepare us for the day ahead. On the 3rd of September, 2019, the boys of class 1E conducted the morning assembly on the topic “Being Truthful”. Truthfulness, being the greatest...

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Title : ASSEMBLY CLASS 1C (2019-20)

The Morning Assembly cultivates a sense of belonging towards the school. It exposes us to an array of experiences and helps the students to imbibe different values.  The students of class 1 C presented the Morning Assembly in the Junior Wing on the 27th of August, 2019. They came together to read out the Lord’s Prayer. The assembly centred around the theme of &l...

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Middle Assembly


The students of class – VI A presented the morning assembly on the topic – ‘Eat Healthy Stay Healthy’ on 2nd of September, 2019.The students started the assembly by sharing the benefits of eating healthy food. The assembly culminated with a meaningful prayer, beautiful poem recited by the students and the ‘Thought of the day’. The studen...

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Class 4A was given the opportunity to stage their special assembly on 22nd August. The theme was Say No to Bullying.   A short skit was put up to bring out the theme through different scenes telling students what is bullying and how to stop it. The choir sang a melodious hymn and shared several thoughts regarding the same which was displayed through placards. The ass...

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Senior Assembly

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