Students Workshop

Business Studies Workshop by Pratham

There was a workshop on business studies in the library on 18th July, 2019. The duration of the workshop was 1.5 hours for classes XI A and XI B and 1.5 hours for classes XII A and XII B (i.e from 9 am till 12 noon)

Following was discussed in the workshop:

  • How to make the subject interesting by using card games?
  • How to form the key words for various important topics of NCERT?
  • How to relate the subject with the daily examples or what we see around us?

In nutshell, the workshop was quite useful for the students and we learnt a lot from it.

Mrs. Ashima Khanna

Prefects Leadership Training Programme - Middle School

In order to train our prefects, the leadership programme was conceptualised by Mrs Sangeeta Tripathi. Mrs Aarti Bardhan, Mrs Rajshree Vipin and Mrs Poornima Dhasmana with the help of Fortis Healthcare counsellors under the guidance of Dr Sameer Parikh.

The training is geared towards our young leaders at school from classes 4 to 10, who will be groomed and mentored to develop relevant leadership skills. The programme is distributed in the following four modules, which will be conducted during academic session 2019-2020:

  • Understanding leadership-know your leadership style
  • Communicate effectively-problem solving and decision making as skills
  • Building teams-harnessing trust in others
  • Resilience – effective coping and self care

The first module i.e., "Understanding leadership - know your leadership style" has been conducted on 10/5/2019 in the Middle school which was attended by Mrs Vipin, Mrs Sangeeta Tripathi, Mrs. Bardhan, Mrs. Montario, Mrs. Watson, Mrs. A Shaw and Mrs. Pant.

Reported by:
Mrs. Sangeeta Tripathi
Mrs Aarti Bardhan

Awareness about Addiction workshop

To spread awareness about addiction and truth about drugs, the counselors Mrs. Sangeeta Tripathi & Mrs. Aarti Bardhan, of middle school arranged a series of workshops on this very sensitive topic in collaboration with Mind Solace and Drug Free World, India for the students of classes 4 to 10. Our students were informed about various facts related with drugs and its impact on human metabolism. Drug prevention booklets were being distributed among students. Students took an oral pledge to keep themselves, their families, society and their country drug free. Boys signed on a pledge board also stating their promise to keep drugs away from their lives. Along with drugs the impact of various other kinds of addiction was also discussed.

Details of these workshops are as follows:

  • Awareness About Drugs: Series of Workshops for classes 4 to 10
  • Class 9 & 10: 11th April, 2019, conducted by Mr. Victor John, from Mind Solace
  • Class 8: 12th April, 2019, conducted by Ms. Tarunpreet Kaur from Drug Free World India
  • Class 4 & 5: 16th April, 2019, conducted by Mr. Avi Vatsa from Drug Free World, India
  • Class 6 & 7: 23rd April, 2019, conducted by Mr. Devidasan from Drug Free World, India.

Reported By:
Mrs. Aarti Bardhan
Mrs. Sangeeta Tripathi

Series of Study skills workshops

The academic session of 2018-19 is heading towards its final stage. Hence the counsellors in middle school in collaboration with mental health department of Fortis hospital organised a series of study skills workshop for the students of cl 4-10 between 14 to 17th January. Students were widely benefited with very practical and smart tips to have stress free study skills so they can perform their level best in the exams.

Astrophysics workshop at Kerala Education Sr. Sec. Public School

“Science isn’t about why...It’s about why not?” - Anonymous

Students of Middle section took part in Science Camp organized by Space Development Nexus, New Delhi in association with Kalam’s Innovation Troupe for Education in Science (KITES) on 11 August 2018. Arjit Singh Arora, Aarjav Grover, Divyam Gupta, Shashank Garg & Tanush Goel from class 10 participated in the workshop on Space Rover-Construction & Working, Drone Flying Show. There were about 120 participants from all over Delhi divided into sub-groups of computer programming, mechanical assembling & electronic circuiting. Construction of a Rocker-Bogie Rover & its testing was a stimulating experience for all. The drone session was quiet enlightening. It was an explicit encounter with Technology. They were assisted by Ms. Garima Sawhney.


Report by
Garima Sawhney
Science department
Middle School

Cancer Awareness Workshop

On 13th August 2018, a Cancer awareness workshop was organised in St. columba’s school.

This workshop was organised with the help of “Can support services”

Resource person was Dr. Ravinder Mohan (Head Training and research)

The aim of this organisation is to support Cancer patient and their family. They have 14 centre in Delhi NCR to support their cause.

Boys from Environment and Justice club attended this interactive workshop. It was very informative. Message was imparted to the boys to lead a healthy lifestyle, avoid consumption of tobacco, fast food and make exercise essential part of daily life. Cancer is a curable disease if detected at early stage.

Activity In charge: Mrs. S. Handa and Mrs. A Pant.

FilmIt Workshop by INTACH

FilmIt is a multi-cultural project that aims to develop children’s minds by giving them an opportunity to showcase their talent through movies. INTACH aims at preserving and restoring heritage in every form, tangible or intangible.

Every year we get a chance to be a part of the workshops organised by INTACH. Students from classes 6-8 are engaged in this activity. Two workshops are conducted every time-Content and Technical.

I was accompanied by three students to attend the Content workshop on 24th July 2018. Mr. Feisal Alkazi, a renowned theatre person and a great author guided us as to how to visualise and develop our story. As films are a powerful medium to convey the message, we were boosted with a lot of confidence to make one.

On 25th July we attended a Technical workshop conducted by the technical experts Mr.Ankit Pogula and Ms Shreya Kakria (renowned award winning filmmakers of the Tuning Fork Films).

After developing our storyline we were taught about the technical aspects of filming. It was a very enriching experience as the students learnt about the Technical know how in this workshop. Students were educated about the different camera angles and shots. Various tips were shared on how to stabilize a camera while filming a movie. Visuals, voiceovers, dialogues and music play a very crucial role when editing a movie using the various softwares.

This workshop was an entertaining and a great learning experience. It was useful in igniting the passion in our young aspiring film makers. We hope to make wonderful films this year as well and put to use all that we have learnt.

The accompanying students were:

  • Karmanya Sharma - 7E
  • Aaryan Singh - 7B
  • Anugrah Singh - 8D
  • Yashwardhan Jha - 8C
  • Aditya Das - 8D

Manu Kalra
25/07/2018, New Delhi

Phi Cluster (Session : 11-07-18)

Today I, Mridul Bhardwaj had the opportunity of attending a Phi Cluster session with Mr.Himanish Ganjoo under the guidance of Mrs. Himani Jain.

In today’s session we got an essence of Bayesian Statistics and Fourier series. Bayesian statistics was a fun and a relatively easy concept to grasp as we learnt about calculating probability of any given hypothesis for instance that of a simple coin. Fourier Series was a topic that intrigued me the most. We learnt about the properties of waves and how they’re used. It’s amazing to learn how our daily life is full of maths. From the strings of a guitar to the complex physics formulas everything basically revolves around maths. We saw that how the waves of similar frequency but different wave form produce different sounds and how frequency is practically linked to time. Using these beautiful sine waves convert complex differentiation problems to basic polynomial problems which can easily be solved.

I am really happy about having learnt a few new concepts on which I would really like to research a bit more.

Mridul Bharadwaj

A report on Robotics workshop

A workshop on Robotics was held for senior school students of St. Columba’s on 19 th and 21st May 2018.

It was organised by Physics society of senior school. The teacher in charge was Mrs. N.Chatterjee. 10 students of class 11and 12 participated in the workshop. Shashank Goyal, an alumni of

Teachers Workshop

Interactive Teaching Aids

On the 4th of July, 2019 the staff of Junior Wing conducted the workshop on "Interactive Teaching Aids", as prepared by them. It was a great platform for interaction and learning for the staff members as the teaching aids were user friendly and reusable, catering to varied concepts and subjects and great tools to compliment teaching pedagogy in the upcoming academic session. Each teacher got an opportunity to present the techniques to be used and implemented as teaching aids in the classroom setting. Mrs Kaushal elaborated on how teachers must use their creativity to prepare a variety of teaching tools to help the students understand concepts in a better way. Different techniques of discipline and classroom management were also discussed. This collaboration with their colleagues brought in a lot of learning for the teachers to create a storehouse of reusable teaching aids. Much inspiration from the British Council workshops was taken to create these aids. The session culminated in an insightful talk by Mrs Kaushal. She encouraged the teachers to make use of Story Boards in their classes as interesting tools for interaction and learning. It was an enlightening and a fun filled experience for the teachers of Junior Wing.

Tata Edge Training (Junior Wing)

In St. Columba's we aspire to incorporate technology in our teaching so that we can reap fruitful benefits in accomplishing learning for our students. We have been using Tata Edge Smart boards since the last 3 years. It is a dedicated endeavour of the staff to continually update their technical knowledge and skills to maximise the benefits of using this software in the best possible manner. Every year the teachers go through a rigorous evaluation of the content and propose suggestions to improve the utility of smart classes in the Junior Wing so that the content is blended well with the syllabus of each class.

As a part of this process, a detailed interaction and workshop session was conducted on the 5th of July 2019.

During this workshop Mr. Deepak, Academic Manager, Tata Edge, and Mrs. Monica Dheer, Tata Edge representative, briefed the teachers on various aspects and tools provided as a part of the academic content in the software. They detailed on how the lesson plans could be adapted according to the classroom setting while addressing various queries and concerns of the teachers. The teachers gave crucial suggestions regarding the content of grammar concepts and comprehension passages in English, worksheets and concept sheets of Mathematics, inputs to improve the picture and sound quality etc. to the resource person from Tata Edge.

The teachers were assured that all the issues will be considered immediately and the required content will be uploaded and upgraded within a week. Mrs. Monica Dheer also mentioned that the details of all the uploaded content will be provided to the teachers very soon.

It was an interactive session, which gave the teachers an opportunity to voice their queries and feedback with the Tata Edge representatives.

Eloquence In Silence

Mrs Bindu Arora, Coordinator (KG and Class-1) and teacher, attended a workshop organised by KATKATHA PUPPET ARTS TRUST for teachers on 'Material Drama' at India International Centre on the 2nd of May 2019.

While performing the act, the material (newspaper/ wool) was the main attraction and the facilitator (teacher) took a backseat. The beauty of this concept was that the entire act was done in SILENCE.

A small group of very young students were the audience, who sat connected and mesmerised by the act.

The Art Of Questioning... Blueprinting An Assessment

On 16th May, 2019, Mrs Ritu Kaushal, the Headmistress of the Junior school, conducted a workshop on "Blueprinting an Assessment" With the help of a Power Point Presentation, she explained to the teaching faculty, the importance of the blueprint which is a matrix to determine the number and type of questions across the topics, in the content area. It also ensures consistency with the learning outcomes and is a reflection of the relative percentage weight given to questions on each topic, to test the levels of cognitive dimensions described by Bloom's taxonomy. The teaching staff is better equipped now, and is also mindful of differentiated learning, when preparing questions for assessment.

Super Charge Your classroom by Khan Academy

The Middle School's Maths department attended the above interactive workshop, where they were introduced to the features of the Khan Academy website. They got oriented about different ways in which Khan Academy can assist in effective learning, assessment and remediation of students.

Training of Data Analysis Team by Hearth

‘Setting of goals and targets is the first step in achieving them!’

Mr. Shashank Veera conducted a training for three teachers: Mrs. Latika Bhasin, Mrs. Pooja Arora and Ms. Caroline Utarid of Junior Wing and 6 other teachers from middle and senior wings in April 2019 to effectively track the performance of the students and the teachers.

This was an initiative to enable teachers to implement new strategies effectively to improve student‘s and teacher‘s performance.

The teaching staff was provided with the student‘s performance data for the year 2018-2019 (2nd term) to make projections for the 1st term of 2019-2020.

During the comprehensive training session, Mr. Shashank Veera explained how to seek information, access, analyse and evaluate the data.

He further suggested that from the year 2019, creating the Radar diagram in Excel would be the best way to track the performance of every student in Junior school over a period of four years, i.e., KG to Class 3.

Through the Radar diagram, the performance of every child in every subject could be easily mapped over the years.

It is the best tool to measure the understanding of multiple concepts in one graphical representation.

These projections would be crucial tools in setting targets of student‘s performance improvement and incorporating effective teaching techniques.

All the data points and parameters in discussion with the Junior Wing Headmistress, Mrs. Ritu Kaushal, will further be shared with the Redox team.

Fire Safety - Disaster Management : 2019-20

As a part of staff DM Training, our Principal Bro.Miranda had organized a training program on Fire Safety for the staff of all three sections (Senior, Middle & Junior). It was held in the MS auditorium on 5th April 2019. The program began with an informative talk by Mrs.Gail Periera with the help of a Power Point Presentation. The video shown on Fire Drill of a school was an Eye opener for all.

The Fire Officer who came from the Delhi Fire Service gave us a detailed talk on Causes of fire, Methods of extinguishing, Types of fire etc. At the end, we went out to an open space where a live-demo was shown of extinguishing Type A fire. We were also taught how to use the fire extinguisher. Bro. Miranda, Mrs. Sheel and few teachers tried their hands on the extinguisher.

It was an enriching experience for all of us.

Orientation On First Aid

Safety of our students is a top priority for our teachers as well as school administration. Keeping in mind the above an orientation on First Aid was organized on 26th March for the entire staff of SCS. First Aid is also an important component of Disaster Management. The purpose of the workshop was to train the teachers and the other staff in administering First Aid in case of any emergency.

Dr. Kanta Rahul, consultant Anaesthesiologist and Dr. Ethel Belho, Consultant Department of Nuclear Medicine were the resource persons. Dr. Ethel began the session by highlighting the importance of First Aid in our lives.

She further elaborated on the common emergencies like Fever, cuts/wounds, bleeding nose, dehydration, fall-sprains/fractures, heat exhaustion/stroke, choking, bites-animal/human, burn that can occur in a school setting.

Dr. Kanta addressed the basic life support system.

The main objective was:-

  • how to assess a collapsed victim.
  • how to perform chest compression and revive breathing.
  • how to place an unconscious breathing victim in the recovery position.

She also demonstrated the entire process with the help of Vivan, a class 6th student of our school.

Vote of thanks was proposed by Brother Miranda. A token of appreciation was also handed over to the two doctors. It was an enriching experience for all of us.


Madhuban Educational Books

Madhuban Educational Books - a leading publisher of school books conducted a workshop on 12th January 2019. The session focussed on the significance of imparting key aspects related to learning skills in the Hindi language.

Mrs. Nikita Justin Malagar and Mrs. Bhavna Pande from the junior wing attended the workshop at Tagore International School, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi.

The key speaker, Dr. Pradeep Kumar Jain (M.A., M.Ed. PhD in Hindi & Sanskrit) had an interactive exchange with the participating teachers.

The session concentrated on Assessment of Speaking and Listening Skills, ‘ASL’, developing lesson plans using the Information and Communication Technologies ‘ICT’ and the significance of Mind Maps. The topics were informative and encompassed a holistic approach with reference to learning and development of the language.

The workshop gave a platform for the participant teachers to enhance and incorporate appropriate levels of learnings to their already existing teaching techniques. Much emphasis was laid on various strategies like co-operative learning, interactive learning, project based learning, etc., for effective teaching of the language.

Conversations Around Learning Spaces - Annual Summit 2018 of Itihaas

Itihaas, a 14 year old organization is a pioneer in heritage education and held its Annual Summit 2018 on 5th December. It was aptly named “Conversations Around Learning Spaces” as the esteemed speakers narrated their learning experiences from spaces, both positive and negative. Every space, as explained, has a story to tell and thus has a lesson to offer. Keeping India in context, the traditions and cultures have much to offer, and visits to heritage sites gives an insight to impressionable minds on our rich culture, and also teaches lessons in care and respect for our monuments.What was more thought provoking was that not all our learning spaces are positive, but from a traumatic heritage like a Bhopal Gas Tragedy site, many a lesson can be learnt. A lesson of caution, of coping, and of the resilience of the human spirit is the positive learning outcome.We cannot shield our children from tragedies and difficult paths but only teach them to cope. And this, as described by the speakers, Itihaas does, in an honest way and in good measure.

The presentations by the children from the “student diaries” of heritage visits with Itihaas were vivid and enriched with personal anecdotes.

Mrs. Anita Panda represented St. Columba’s School at the Annual Summit of Itihaas.

Parents Workshop

ProParenting Workshop

A session on individual career profile building for class 8-12th students took place in M.S.A where both the parent and student participated. It was a gathering of approximately 300 people. Many a parents expressed enthusiasm about their yearlong program called “Promap”, as it could prove significant help in planning the future of their wards.

Program facilitated by:
Ms. Sangeeta Tripathi
Ms. Aarti Bardhan