Teachers Workshop

Madhuban Educational Books

Madhuban Educational Books - a leading publisher of school books conducted a workshop on 12th January 2019. The session focussed on the significance of imparting key aspects related to learning skills in the Hindi language.

Mrs. Nikita Justin Malagar and Mrs. Bhavna Pande from the junior wing attended the workshop at Tagore International School, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi.

The key speaker, Dr. Pradeep Kumar Jain (M.A., M.Ed. PhD in Hindi & Sanskrit) had an interactive exchange with the participating teachers.

The session concentrated on Assessment of Speaking and Listening Skills, ‘ASL’, developing lesson plans using the Information and Communication Technologies ‘ICT’ and the significance of Mind Maps. The topics were informative and encompassed a holistic approach with reference to learning and development of the language.

The workshop gave a platform for the participant teachers to enhance and incorporate appropriate levels of learnings to their already existing teaching techniques. Much emphasis was laid on various strategies like co-operative learning, interactive learning, project based learning, etc., for effective teaching of the language.

Conversations Around Learning Spaces - Annual Summit 2018 of Itihaas

Itihaas, a 14 year old organization is a pioneer in heritage education and held its Annual Summit 2018 on 5th December. It was aptly named “Conversations Around Learning Spaces” as the esteemed speakers narrated their learning experiences from spaces, both positive and negative. Every space, as explained, has a story to tell and thus has a lesson to offer. Keeping India in context, the traditions and cultures have much to offer, and visits to heritage sites gives an insight to impressionable minds on our rich culture, and also teaches lessons in care and respect for our monuments.What was more thought provoking was that not all our learning spaces are positive, but from a traumatic heritage like a Bhopal Gas Tragedy site, many a lesson can be learnt. A lesson of caution, of coping, and of the resilience of the human spirit is the positive learning outcome.We cannot shield our children from tragedies and difficult paths but only teach them to cope. And this, as described by the speakers, Itihaas does, in an honest way and in good measure.

The presentations by the children from the “student diaries” of heritage visits with Itihaas were vivid and enriched with personal anecdotes.

Mrs. Anita Panda represented St. Columba’s School at the Annual Summit of Itihaas.

Formative and Summative Assessment - Workshop by Mrs. Kaushal

Mrs. Ritu Kaushal, the Headmistress of Junior Wing conducted an interactive workshop on Formative and Summative Assessments for the staff of junior school. The key aspects of the same were elaborated through power point presentations followed by sharing of classroom situations and interactive discussions. The teachers got useful and practical insights into enhancing the efficacy of their assessments to monitor and analyse students learning progress. Assessments provide educators with both objective and subjective data in order to ascertain student progress and skill mastery. Through anecdotes and activities, the staff was motivated to integrate effective and planned assessment techniques in the classroom. The significance of formative assessment was further highlighted as stepping stones for continual teaching-learning success. Mrs Kaushal inspired the teachers to integrate fun activities like quizzes, group work, pair-share etc as effective formative assessment tools in day to day teaching.

Way to Happiness

“The way to happiness”
Workshop for class 8

To motivate our students to seek happiness in real sense and through correct measures the counsellors in middle section of St. Columba’s School in collaboration with “The Way to happiness” foundation, (a globally run program) conducted a workshop for class 8 students and one section of class 9 on Saturday 8th December in MSA. Mr Rohit Sharma the resource person, the founder of “The Way to Happiness, India” had a two hours long session with students powered with very suitable and inspiring videos. Students participated in the workshop with full spirit.

Workshop on Understanding School Based Assessment

On the 6th of October, 2018 a workshop was conducted at IILM, Lodhi Road, New Delhi on “Understanding School Based Assessment: Reflection for Teachers” by Prof. Prabhat Rai. The first session addressed the purpose of assessment in schools and ways to conceptualize and plan assessments that can facilitate students learning. The workshop was attended by Mrs. P. Arora from the Junior wing and Mrs. A. Srivastava from the Middle wing. During the discussion the participants were challenged to think about assessments as a part of the pedagogic process and how to use the same to enhance the developmental abilities of a child.

The next session of the workshop centered around “Difference, Diversity and Unconscious Bias: Reflection for Educators” by Prof. Maina Chawla. Much stress and focus was laid on the importance of fostering holistic development in students. As responsible educators, the participants were encouraged to be aware of their thought processes and to discard assumptions which shape the educator's behaviour towards students. The session emphasised recognising bias and addressed the implications of “Unconscious BIAS” in the classroom.

It was an enriching experience for both the participant teachers from our school.

Workshop on Multiple Intelligence for Junior School Teachers

On the 10th of Sept 2018, a workshop was conducted in Junior School about the theory of ‘Multiple Intelligence’ and its implications in the classroom by Mrs. Ira Sehgal.

Mrs. Sehgal is a soft skill trainer and resource person who conducts workshops for parents, teachers and students. She enlightened the junior wing teachers about the Multiple Intelligence theory and highlighted its application in teaching students with different ability levels. She suggested strategies to identify various types of intelligences that students are endowed with and how to focus on them so as to make them realise their true potential.

It was an interactive session and gave the teachers a fertile ground to voice their concerns and find solutions to the same. Mrs Sehgal guided the teachers very efficiently towards developing and devising strategies in their classroom situations by applying the methods specified in the workshop.

Mrs. Sehgal concluded the session by reaffirming that each and every child is capable of learning, only we as teachers and educators need to identify the areas to be worked upon and apply the various intelligences to bring the child up to class level.

The teachers thoroughly enjoyed the workshop.


On Tuesday, the 11th September’18, Bro Joe Johnson and Bro Raj Noronha of the Province Ethics Committee, conducted a workshop with all the staff members (Teachers and Administration) on the “Sexual Harassment of Women in the Workplace Act 2013” with the objective of helping the staff members understand the purpose of the Act and ensure that compliance with the same was effective in the school. Later that afternoon, the Principal and members of the teaching staff conducted the same programme for the members of the associate staff. The programme was found to very educative and besides making the staff aware of the details of the Act, it raised the awareness of these issues, which the staff felt they needed to also educate the students in.

Memorable Moments: Ruskin Bond-organised by Ratna Sagar

The name Ruskin Bond conjures up images of wind swept valleys, stately pines, pristine mountains and furry creatures. Equally appealing for children and adults, his stories and poems pay homage to nature - again and again.

The Padma Shree awardee, Ruskin Bond is considered to be an icon among Indian writers and children’s authors.

Ratna Sagar-A leading publication house of children’s books and school textbooks, organised an event titled “Memorable Moments: Ruskin Bond”. The event which was attended by Mrs. Pooja Guglani from the junior wing, had teachers from various schools from all over the country. It was indeed a dream come true for the audience to witness the much admired author narrating anecdotes from his life and expressing his views on poetry. The open house had interesting exchanges and conversations about the need for inculcating the love of books among young learners. Ruskin Bond confessed his love for poetry and elaborated his childhood memories which centered around books. He garnered much adulation and cheer from the audience as he sprinkled his conversations with his clever wit and irrepressible zest for life even at this age.

Workshop on Catechism

Miss Leena D’souza from the Junior School attended a workshop on catechism, conducted in Yusuf Sadan on the 16th of August.

Fr. Raju, the key speaker proposed the multiple intelligence approach to teach faith education in schools. The interactive session had participant teachers from various schools. There was an insightful review of the catechism curriculum and books used in schools.

It was a great learning experience to find ways and adopt new techniques of teaching Christian faith by associating and connecting it to the various aspects of life.

Hindi Workshop by Madhuban Publication

“Children are not vessels to be filled but lamps to be lit.”

Madhuban Educational Books- a leading publishing house of school text books organised a workshop for Hindi language teachers on the 25th of August, 2018 in the Edmund Rice Hall, St. Columba’s School.

The session conducted by Mrs Rama Gupta and Mrs. Bharti Anand, was attended by teachers from different delhi schools. The workshop highlighted various aspects of Hindi language teaching, such as speaking and listening skills in real life situations, reading and writing texts for communicative purposes etc. Latest developments in language education research were shared with the participants. The focus was to suggest and improvise strategies for teachers to enhance their teaching through cooperative, interactive and project based learning.

All the junior school Hindi teachers actively participated in the workshop and benefited from it.

Walking along with Jesus of Nazareth - A workshop on Cathetics

Workshop attended by Ms. Utarid
Walking Along With Jesus of Nazareth.

A Workshop on Catechetics Training for teachers was held from the 24th to the 29th of July’18 at St. Edmund’s, Shillong.

A total of fifteen teachers from all over the country belonging to the Edmund Rice family attended the workshop which was conducted by Br. Mark, Br. Lobo, Br. Cedric and Ms. Grace.

The engrossing sessions focused on Theological Reflection, which is an attempt to understand the attitude of Jesus towards an issue or event. It was a great opportunity for the teachers to spend time reflecting on their own attitudes and the need for change.

The sessions had embedded interactive sharing activities along with presentations and videos which formed a fertile ground for self evaluation and reflection. Some of the important topics discussed were: The meaning of Catechesis,
The stages of Faith Development,
The four Fundamental Tasks of Catechesis,
The four pillars of Catechism,
Principles of interpretation of the Bible and the challenges faced in modern times.

The books used by the participating schools for all their classes were discussed in depth as well.

It was an enriching experience which can be summed up in the following quote:
We are not human beings on a spiritual journey,
we are spiritual beings on a human.

Brief report on Hindi workshop

A Hindi workshop was organized with collaboration of “Madhuban Publication” on 25th Aug. 2018 at E.R.H. from 9.00am. to 12.30pm.

More than fifty schools from Delhi NCR participated in this workshop. Approximately 170 teachers attended the session.

Session was inaugurated by Principal Bro. Miranda.

It was a interactive session, conducted by Mrs Bharti Anand and Mrs Rama Gupta.

Mrs. Bharti Anand is a renowned writer and educationist. She was H.O.D. ( Hindi), Modern school, Vasant vihar, New Delhi. She has also directed telly film “AAKHIR KYUN”.

Mrs. Rama Gupta is a educationist, worked with schools Sardar Patel, New Delhi and Army school, Pune. She is author of Hindi grammar books for primary classes.

Purpose of Workshop: Enhancing the speaking and listening skill in real life situation, writing for communicative purpose, reading text and introducing latest technology of teaching.

It was successful interactive session appreciated by participants. This workshop has provided a platform where all teachers shared their views, and concern.

The workshop was coordinated by Mrs R Nigam and Mrs A pant.

Safety of School Children in School Buses

Avekshan’-The first School Connect Conclave, an initiative by SIAM (Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers), MoRTH (Ministry of Road Transport and Highways), Delhi Poice, in association with Indian Auto Company, was organized to ensure the ‘Safety of School Children in School Buses’.

St. Columba’s School was represented by Mrs. Pooja Arora from the Junior School and Mrs. Manju Rawat from the Middle School on 2nd August 2018 at India International Center.

The highlight of the conclave was to fortify a safer future for school students in school buses.

There was an informative session with power point presentations on “School Bus Safety”, “Safety of School Children” and “Benefits of using a GPS tracker system.” Light was thrown on how a mix of technology and structural features can ensure safety of the children in school buses.

Eminent speakers discussed various road safety activities, which could be incorporated in the school’s monthly timetable enabling the children to become aware of road safety rules and norms.

The interactive discussions with the panelists helped in addressing various queries from the participants. Teachers and Transport Incharges from schools across Delhi participated in the workshop.

It was pleasing to know that not only CBSE but the society as a whole is making an effort to ensure safety of our children.


Road and transportation are integral aspects of modern civilization. Proper knowledge regarding the correct and safety use of road is very essential to put a curb on huge loss of lives and property due to ignorance & lack of knowledge regarding road discipline. As part of an endeavor to involve children and inculcate sense of road safety among students and to groom them into responsible road using citizens, Delhi Traffic Police has been making efforts to actively engage schools in various Road Safety awareness programs.

The campaign began with a training awareness programme (One-day orientation programme) for coordinators/teachers from the participating schools, which is being held from 23rd July to 27th July 2018 at the auditorium, Traffic Training Park, Punjabi Bagh.

I, Manju Singh Rawat from the Middle Section represented our school. Inspector Pushpal Kaur started the workshop by welcoming the participants of the day and discussed about the importance of signs on the roads and the importance of the road signs in maintaining the safety of road users.

ASI Manoj of Road Safety cell also further elaborated on the need to follow the road safety norms. He said that 30% of the accidents involve children. A lot of young lives are lost due to negligence. He also insisted that parents have to play a very important role by ensuring that minors don’t drive until they have their driving licence.

ASI Mahesh talked about the various activities that the schools can organize to create awareness among the students. He insisted on the fact that teachers can play a very important role in educating the students about the various safety norms. Painting competition, quiz and roleplay are some of the activities that can be easily organized by schools.

Mr. Vijay Singh expressed that the teachers can play an important role to motivate the children to follow the Road Safety rules at all times. This was followed by an open forum in which many teachers asked various questions regarding safety of students. It was followed by lunch. Overall it was an informative session.


Workshop - Storytelling with Puppets

By-Ms. Sonia Duggal
13.07.18 - Junior School

The teachers of the Junior Wing had an engrossing workshop about Storytelling with Puppets. The resource person Ms. Sonia Duggal, through a repertoire of skills and interactions invited attention, evoked emotions and brought focus on the inherent interest that stories bring to our lives. Through demonstrations she highlighted how stories play a vital role in kindling the creative imagination of students. Stories when woven through pedagogy are great tools to enhance language comprehension, vocabulary, logical thinking and reasoning.

Ms. Duggal emphasised that stories not only build confidence but also aid in coping with feelings and expressing emotions. Values and life skills find age old relevance in stories to teach the importance of sharing, compassion, honesty etc.

The junior wing staff also learnt the various techniques and skills of story telling like voice modulation, eye contact, use of puppets and audience participation.

It was an enjoyable and enriching session, full of laughter, insights and learning.

Jodo Gyan

A ‘Jodo Gyan’ workshop was organized on the 26th Feb‘18 for the teachers of Junior School. The aim of the workshop was to introduce innovative methods through which children may acquire problem solving skills while applying and integrating mathematical concepts in real life situations. The resource person, Mrs. Sonal Aggarwal conducted a highly interactive workshop with great enthusiasm. The teachers participated whole heartedly and enjoyed group activities using TLMs (teaching learning materials) from Jodo Gyan like ‘Ganit Mala’, ‘Rangometry Shapes’, ‘Dice and Blocks’ etc. The session gave an insight into experiential learning pedagogy for Mathematics which surely ignited a spark in all the teachers. The junior school teachers couldn‘t agree more with the philosophy of Jodo Gyan that learning of Mathematics should evoke joy rather than fear of numbers.

The Called, the Gifted and the Sent at SCS

The Called, the Gifted and the Sent was conducted by Br. L.Lobo and Br. Cedric. The program for this year was held at St. Columba’s. A total of 16 teachers attended the program from Goa, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Vasai, Nainital, Mount Abu, Goa and Delhi.

The teachers from the middle school led the Morning Prayer and reflection on the 23rd of February.

The program was introspective, enrichingand indeed very enjoyable. Over a period of a few days the teachers were taken on a journey that helped them analyse their strengths and fearsand the role each one is called to play in this world.

As part of the immersion program Br. Lobo made arrangements for the teachers to visit Cheshire Home, The Blind Relief School and Mother Teresa’s orphanage. During the introspective sessions animated by Br. Cedric and Br. Lobo, it was clear how Blessed Edmund’s vision continues to be relevant even today and every one of us is called to take this forward.


The Indian Express hosted an Express Masterclass presented by IIFL on ‘PARENTING’. The workshop was held on 3rd February 2018 at St. Columba’s School. It was led by Ms. Gloria Burrett, an Integrative Psychotherapist. The workshop was attended by Express Readers, School Parents and a few teachers who found the workshop very insightful and self introspecting.

Ms. Gloria took us through an interactive session, sharing deeper perspective on how we can bring about peaceful parenting. The session exclusively focused on needs of parenting a 7-11 year old and how to find a better emotional connect with the child. With many questions and dilemmas being clarified at the workshop, it turned out to be a highly interactive session.

In short, the interactive session focused on the evolving dynamics and creative connect between the parent and child.

Neha Malhotra
Hema Simon
Sam Alexander

ERI Training In Human Rights and International Advocacy at Geneva

(Date 06th Nov.2017 to 17th Nov.2017)

  • Participants from India, Australia and African continent attended the program.
  • The training program was framed and organised by Br.Brian bond, Br.Kavin and Br. Tino.
  • There were special session on following topics-Sustainable development goal, Child rights and Earth rights and Human rights.
  • Participants were given an opportunity to attend 28th session of Universal periodic review run by Human Right commission in Geneva as a guest of ERI two week training workshop.
  • Main speaker of training were: Francesca Merico, Melissai Pitotti, Bernadette Arditi, Budi, Kevin playford.
  • Participants shared their advocacy work done at their institution.

Workshop on Vedic Mathematics

By Rashmi A. Sehgal

Pure Mathematics is, in a way, the poetry of logical ideas” - Albert Einstein

Mathematics has become a huge area of concern in many continents across the globe. There is a global decline in the numeracy level. Keeping the above in mind, a workshop was conducted for the teachers of the junior school on “Vedic Mathematics”.

The session began with a power point presentation introducing the concepts of “Vedic Mathematics” which is a system of Mathematics discovered by Indian Mathematician Shri Bharathi Krishna Tirthaji in A.D 1911 and 1918.It consists of 16 sutras (formulas) and 13 sub sutras(sub formulas) which can be used for to solve problems of Arithmetic, Geometry, Calculas, Algebra and Conics.

Mrs. Sehgal explained with examples some vedic maths tricks based on different sutras.

The teachers actively participated and learnt innovative tricks which will help the students to solve the problems 10-15 times faster, increase their speed, accuracy and concentration. These formulas and calculations based on Vedic Formulas when applied build self confidence, improve academic performance and reduce scratch work and finger counting among students. The use of Vedic Maths as a part of class room curriculum may prove to be highly beneficial and innovative in term of enhancing mental maths skills and generating interest among students.

Workshop on POCSO Act and Code of Protective Behaviour

By Pooja Guglani

We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens, in our society, a life free from violence and fear.” - Nelson Mandela

Mrs Pooja Guglani, the protection officer, junior school, conducted a participative workshop with the junior school staff where she spoke about POCSO(Protection of Children from Sexual Offences) Act 2012 and child rights.

Children are the most vulnerable in any society. Increased attention, efficient protection skills and preventive measures regarding child abuse are necessary at family and social levels. After being a closed affair for decades, child abuse is being more and more denounced and becoming a public and political topic. We at St. Columba’s Junior School play an active role in effective prevention of any kind of child abuse by aiming at increasing awareness among students about Sex Education and laying down a specific protocol regarding prevention, reporting and management of different forms of abuse.

Mrs. Guglani laid emphasis on how crucial and pivotal the role of teachers is in ensuring a safe, secure and supportive environment for the students in school. The session was committed to reminding the teachers and caregivers that as a Christian Brother Institution, we are committed to protecting the rights and dignity of children and to prevent incidents of abuse in whatever form.

The interactive session with the staff was a ground for discussion to adopt a pragmatic approach to child rights education and introspection on childcare, protection and safety in our centre of activity. Mrs. Guglani urged the teachers of junior school to strictly adhere to the Centre Specific Code of Protective Behaviour.

Our honourable principle, brother Miranda also addressed the meeting and further motivated the staff to introspect about their roles as teachers and to be aware, vigilant, compassionate towards the children entrusted in their care. He mentioned the procedure to be followed regarding prevention, observation and reporting of any kind of child abuse.

Workshop On Disaster Management In Schools

DAY 1 : District Disaster Management Authority, New Delhi had organized a three days workshop from 6 November 17 to 8 November 17 on School Safety. Thirty participants in varying capacity from Principals, Vice-Principals, coordinators, and various in-charges of different subjects attended the workshop. Mr. Dharmendra Kumar, ADM was the chief guest who began the session by addressing the participants as introductory talk.

Ms Shushma Guleria, the resource person continued with the day’s schedule. She began by discussing the basic concept of the disaster management. The type of disasters, difference between a hazard and disaster, disaster management cycle and initiatives taken by disasters management Authority were also discussed.

Post lunch session included the structured and non structured aspects of a disaster. It was followed by discussion on how to make a SCHOOL DISASTER MANAGEMENT PLAN (SDMP). The first step to make a plan was to identify the probable hazards in a school.

DAY 2 : Ms Sushma continued with the SDMP the next day. She stressed on the aspects like a plan should be brief, simple, flexible and easy to execute. The other features involved in the SDMP were also discussed. She also threw some light on Gender related issues in a disaster scenario and psychological care which was new for the participants. It was substantiated with various cases which were discussed and deliberated upon.

Dr. Piyush Ranjan, Assistant Professor, Dept of Surgical Disciplines, AIIMS was the resource person who conducted the session on first aid. His session entailed the various types of injuries that can happen in the school. He also explained in brief the first aid which can be resorted to in the respective cases. After the tea break a session on fire safety was conducted by Mr. Sajjan Kumar, a senior officer of the fire dept. He talked about the various fire hazards in the school area and how to deal with it.

He emphasized on the fact that schools should be well equipped with fire extinguishers at all potential areas which could lead to fire. He further stressed on the fact that all important telephone numbers should be displayed on every floor and risk zone areas.

DAY 3 : Ms. Sushma Gulleria conducted the session on the third day which was based on framework of mock drills in school campus. The steps involved before a mock drill were elaborated upon.

  • Orientation of the plan to all stakeholders.
  • Table top exercise which focus on administrative strategies.
  • Functional stage - The SOPs should be ready.
  • Final stage - Mock drill to be conducted.

The above strategies were discussed and deliberated upon. Thereafter, the participants were divided in four groups and were asked to form a task force comprising Evacuation team, Search and Rescue, First aid and Transportation. Each group presented their strategies and how they would execute their roles. It was a highly interactive session.

The last segment was based on the Training Component which specified about the basic qualities required to be a good trainer.

The workshop ended with an open house. Ms. Ankita Anand, SDM, Chanakyapuri, IAS was also part was of the open forum. She enquired about the status of disaster management in the respective schools. The participants discussed the various constraints in their schools with regard to disaster management. The queries of participants were also resolved.

Last but not the least, only the representatives who had attended minimum two days of workshop were felicitated with a certificate. It was an enriching experience and a great learning.

Manju Singh Rawat
Middle School

Students Workshop

Series of Study skills workshops

The academic session of 2018-19 is heading towards its final stage. Hence the counsellors in middle school in collaboration with mental health department of Fortis hospital organised a series of study skills workshop for the students of cl 4-10 between 14 to 17th January. Students were widely benefited with very practical and smart tips to have stress free study skills so they can perform their level best in the exams.

Astrophysics workshop at Kerala Education Sr. Sec. Public School


“Science isn’t about why...It’s about why not?” - Anonymous

Students of Middle section took part in Science Camp organized by Space Development Nexus, New Delhi in association with Kalam’s Innovation Troupe for Education in Science (KITES) on 11 August 2018. Arjit Singh Arora, Aarjav Grover, Divyam Gupta, Shashank Garg & Tanush Goel from class 10 participated in the workshop on Space Rover-Construction & Working, Drone Flying Show. There were about 120 participants from all over Delhi divided into sub-groups of computer programming, mechanical assembling & electronic circuiting. Construction of a Rocker-Bogie Rover & its testing was a stimulating experience for all. The drone session was quiet enlightening. It was an explicit encounter with Technology. They were assisted by Ms. Garima Sawhney.

Report by
Garima Sawhney
Science department
Middle School

Cancer Awareness Workshop

On 13th August 2018, a Cancer awareness workshop was organised in St. columba’s school.

This workshop was organised with the help of “Can support services”

Resource person was Dr. Ravinder Mohan (Head Training and research)

The aim of this organisation is to support Cancer patient and their family. They have 14 centre in Delhi NCR to support their cause.

Boys from Environment and Justice club attended this interactive workshop. It was very informative. Message was imparted to the boys to lead a healthy lifestyle, avoid consumption of tobacco, fast food and make exercise essential part of daily life. Cancer is a curable disease if detected at early stage.

Activity In charge: Mrs. S. Handa and Mrs. A Pant.

FilmIt Workshop by INTACH

Manu Kalra
25/07/2018, New Delhi

FilmIt is a multi-cultural project that aims to develop children’s minds by giving them an opportunity to showcase their talent through movies. INTACH aims at preserving and restoring heritage in every form, tangible or intangible.

Every year we get a chance to be a part of the workshops organised by INTACH. Students from classes 6-8 are engaged in this activity. Two workshops are conducted every time- Content and Technical.

I was accompanied by three students to attend the Content workshop on 24th July 2018. Mr. Feisal Alkazi, a renowned theatre person and a great author guided us as to how to visualise and develop our story. As films are a powerful medium to convey the message, we were boosted with a lot of confidence to make one.

On 25th July we attended a Technical workshop conducted by the technical experts Mr.Ankit Pogula and Ms Shreya Kakria (renowned award winning filmmakers of the Tuning Fork Films).

After developing our storyline we were taught about the technical aspects of filming. It was a very enriching experience as the students learnt about the Technical know how in this workshop. Students were educated about the different camera angles and shots. Various tips were shared on how to stabilize a camera while filming a movie. Visuals, voiceovers, dialogues and music play a very crucial role when editing a movie using the various softwares.

This workshop was an entertaining and a great learning experience. It was useful in igniting the passion in our young aspiring film makers. We hope to make wonderful films this year as well and put to use all that we have learnt.

The accompanying students were:

  • Karmanya Sharma - 7E
  • Aaryan Singh - 7B
  • Anugrah Singh - 8D
  • Yashwardhan Jha - 8C
  • Aditya Das - 8D

Phi Cluster (Session : 11-07-18)

Today I, Mridul Bhardwaj had the opportunity of attending a Phi Cluster session with Mr.Himanish Ganjoo under the guidance of Mrs. Himani Jain.

In today’s session we got an essence of Bayesian Statistics and Fourier series. Bayesian statistics was a fun and a relatively easy concept to grasp as we learnt about calculating probability of any given hypothesis for instance that of a simple coin. Fourier Series was a topic that intrigued me the most. We learnt about the properties of waves and how they’re used. It’s amazing to learn how our daily life is full of maths. From the strings of a guitar to the complex physics formulas everything basically revolves around maths. We saw that how the waves of similar frequency but different wave form produce different sounds and how frequency is practically linked to time. Using these beautiful sine waves convert complex differentiation problems to basic polynomial problems which can easily be solved.

I am really happy about having learnt a few new concepts on which I would really like to research a bit more.

Mridul Bharadwaj

A report on Robotics workshop

A workshop on Robotics was held for senior school students of St. Columba’s on 19 th and 21st May 2018.

It was organised by Physics society of senior school. The teacher in charge was Mrs. N.Chatterjee. 10 students of class 11and 12 participated in the workshop. Shashank Goyal, an alumni of

Parents Workshop

Parents Workshop