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MOCK DRILL - 13th May 2019 - 11am

As per direction of Disaster Management Department we conducted a mock drill on 13/05/2019 at 11 am. It went off very well. In senior wing all students as well as teachers and admin staff participated in the drill. 
Total strength of participants is as mentioned below –
No. of Students (Class XI & XII)        434
No. of Teachers (Senior wing)        28
Administrative Staff            08
Establishment Staff            03
Class IV staff                08
Total evacuation time taken 3 minutes 30 seconds.
Few suggestions were given by the school disaster department which would be implanted.

Mr. R. K. Sharma                                    Mr. N. Chopra
D. M. Team Senior School                        Administrator Senior School



An earthquake evacuation drill was conducted on 13th May for the entire St. Columba’s school. The sirens was activated at 11 am sharp. The students after the duck hold and cover started evacuating the building. The classes took the designated route as per the DM plan.  
The total number of 1538 students teachers admin staff and helpers assembled on the middle school ground .The teacher in charge of the classes did the head count and reported to the DM team. No member was found missing. 
It took 3 minutes 30 seconds to evacuate the entire building No student was injured in the drill. The nurse was also on the field to assist in case of any injury .The floor in charges checked the building and everything was found in place 
Finally the students were directed in the building to resume their classes. 
Manju Singh Rawat 
(In charge DM Team,Middle school)


Earthquake Mock Drill Junior School

In the Junior School we follow a methodical Disaster Management Plan to safeguard the lives of our students from unforeseen natural and man-made disasters. The security and safety of our students is the prime concern for us in St. Columba’s. 
As a part of this plan a Mock Evacuation Drill was conducted in the school premises on May 13th,2019 Mrs. Pooja Arora - Coordinator, Disaster management rang the Siren following which the students initiated the duck, cover and hold action after which they evacuated the classrooms with leaders holding the class placards for the headcount at the assembly point. Students were explained about the duck, cover and hold movement before evacuation as a part of the earthquake disaster management preparedness. The teachers ensured that the evacuation was orderly and brisk. Guided by the display arrow signs all classes assembled in the open field. The student representatives stood with their placards directing their peers during this activity. The entire evacuation was completed in 3 minutes without any chaos or confusion.Teachers carried out the headcount of the students followed by headcount of all staff members and the helpers of the Junior Wing. 
The smooth operation and success of the Disaster Drill was yet another attempt in our commitment and dedication in preparing our students to safeguard themselves in times of any disaster. 

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