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Title : DEBATES CLASS-XI (2019-20)

This House Believes...

Debates are one of the best ways to chisel and fine tune even some of the best speakers around. Our Columbans have no dearth of oratory skills. Class 11th showcased their prowess in a week long battle of wits in the intra-debate competitions.


The opening of the school after the summer break set the clock ticking for the debates of class 11th. This moment was awaited by each and every debater with great anticipation. it was when the series of class 11th debates were inaugurated.


The venue being the Middle School Auditorium, each day a team of class 11 was pitted against another. The format of the debate was four speakers of team proposition going against four speakers of team opposition. Each member, in their speech scored points in their favour every time they rebutted the team opponent. Every day, a cheering crowd supported their classmates, bringing life to the whole event. The competition was indeed tough with three judges adjudging the speakers. The results were declared the same day announcing the best speaker, the second best speaker and the winning team. The first two weeks of July were a rigmarole of fun, excitement, fear and victory.


Class 11-C won the overall debate competition and thus proved themselves to be a notch better than the rest.

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