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Title : MAGAZINE LAUNCH (2019-20)

The Columban 2018-19: A Testament of the Journey

The Columban: The text which is akin to the Constitution for the school. It is the moral compass which has guided our school to excellence for its decades of existence. For our school, it is a series of events, achievements, interviews, art, surveys and a little bit about everything  all rolled into one, magnanimous piece of bound paper and cardboard. Its recent launch marked the official end of an academic year, and while it slumbers in memory, the new one awakes to freedom.

The Columban’s recent launch is one full of memories and possibilities and also paves the way to another, equally potent one. The Columban was released at the Award Ceremony on 19th July 2019. On leafing through the magazine, one can feel the experience of the school at its essence. It is a free platform where students enjoy their Freedom of Speech and can voice their opinions out loud to the public. It is a refinement of literature, one that offers impeccable comic relief and flawless instruction in tandem. Its glossy pages have quite a bit to offer, and, is a testimony of the school’s progress through the years. It is the magnum opus of the school, one that encompasses its long journey and its indelible impact on the life of many.

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