Senior School Events Detail


Carmel Convent School, Chanakyapuri, had its cultural week "IRIDESCENCE", from 22nd July 2019. St. Columba's Participated in only one event throughout the Week, "Capture The Market", on the 26th July 2019, which was a Business and Marketting Event. 20 schools had participated in the event. The judgement Criteria were the Promotional, Marketing, Advertising Strategies adopted by each school, along with the Profit earned, and food served.

6 students participated from St. Columba's, namely :

1. Ritvik Sikka - 12 B

2. Abhinn Miudgill - 12 B

3. Vedaant Lohia - 12 B

4. Mark Peter - 12 B

5. Avi Sharma - 11 B

6. Ishaan Malik - 11 B

The stall was named as "Cafe Columban - CCN, A version of CCD you'll never see".

After 4 hours of open market sales, Heavy Promotional and Advertising Techniques, St. Columba's Emerged victorious, grabbing the trophy of Best Team, defeating our Friendly Neighbours, Convent of jesus and Mary, who had been winning the same event for the past 3 Years.

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