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Enrichment Centre (2019 -20)


Parent-Teacher Meetings  with Parents of special curriculum support

Date: 17th Aug, 2019

Venue: Library (Mrs. M Thukral. Mrs. H Handa, Mrs. G Periera, Ms. R Karla, Mr. Tauseef)

•    To show periodical-1 papers 
•    To discuss Periodical- 1 performance 
•    To take consent for half –yearly modified paper of SST (class 4 and 5)


Parent-Teacher Meetings  with Parents of partial support (in-class) children 

A parent teacher meeting for class 4 to 7 was held in Mrs Sheel office.  Mrs. Sheel addressed the gathering. 

•    To discuss the concerns with parents
•    To motivate parents to work collaboratively with educators 
•    To provide the platform to the parents to share their concerns


Reported by Pooja Attree
Special Educator 
Middle School 


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