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Title : PHI CLUSTER (SESSION : 11-07-18)

Today I, Mridul Bhardwaj had the opportunity of attending a Phi Cluster session with Mr.Himanish Ganjoo under the guidance of Mrs. Himani Jain.

In today’s session we got an essence of Bayesian Statistics and Fourier series. Bayesian statistics was a fun and a relatively easy concept to grasp as we learnt about calculating probability of any given hypothesis for instance that of a simple coin. Fourier Series was a topic that intrigued me the most. We learnt about the properties of waves and how they’re used. It’s amazing to learn how our daily life is full of maths. From the strings of a guitar to the complex physics formulas everything basically revolves around maths. We saw that how the waves of similar frequency but different wave form produce different sounds and how frequency is practically linked to time. Using these beautiful sine waves convert complex differentiation problems to basic polynomial problems which can easily be solved.

I am really happy about having learnt a few new concepts on which I would really like to research a bit more.

Mridul Bharadwaj

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