PTM Detail


Date: October 12, 2019

Venue: Library (Mrs M Thukral. Mrs S Handa, Mrs G Periera, Mr Tauseef, Mrs K Khanduri)
Class IXG : Mrs G Sehgal , Class XG : Mrs P Attree

PTM for Enrichment Centre students (from Class IV and X) was held on October 12,2019. Mrs. Sheel addressed the parents of class IX G regarding concerns being faced by educators. All educators dealing in Class IX G were present for the meeting. Performance of all students was discussed in detail by the educators. Report card and answer scripts for the Half-yearly  examination were handed over to the parents. Projection for Term -2 was taken by the educators. 
Importance of time management was requested and asked parents to monitor their ward’s work and regularly sign diary notes.

Reported by Mrs G Sehgal and Mrs P Attree 
Middle School 


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