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On 1st November,2019 the lush green field of the Middle School played host to parents who had come to witness the performance of their son in the Annual Sports Day. The Green gave way to Red, Blue, Green, Beige and Yellow, the colours of the House Vest in which the boys were dressed! Each and every student was part of one or the other event, be it- Marching, Track events, Yoga drill or the Urja drill.

The event was declared open by the Chief Guest, Mr. RK Dadoo, an alumnus of the 1979 batch, a Chartered Accountant, who had given up active practice to dedicate himself to the education of future generations. The sports meet was also graced by a dazzling guest list: Mrs. Anita Ghai (former Headmistress of the Junior School), Mrs. Iris Fredrick( Headmistress, Junior School)!

Our  Principal, Br. E V Miranda and Headmistress, Mrs. S.Sheel played gracious hosts to the esteemed guests and the parent fraternity. The marching contingents of all five houses marched with perfect synchronisation exhibiting discipline and also highlighting burning issues faced by mankind( water scarcity, ending the use of plastic,etc.) , through the banners being carried by them.  Classes 4,5 and 6 put up a power packed performance in the "Urja Drill", while Classes 7 & 8 displayed various asanas as part of the Yoga Drill! The unique Inclusive Event comprising of races between boys of SCS and differently abled children of Chetnalya was not only thrilling but also in line with the spirit of Social Justice! The Track events which interspersed these events brought the audience to their feet in excitement! The Showstoppers , like every year continued to be the Staff Relay Race and the Tug of War !!!!

As aptly stated by the Principal, Br. Miranda, the sports day once again was  an event, that the Middle School could feel truly proud of!!

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