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Title : KG CARNIVAL (2019-20)

The much awaited Kindergarten Carnival was organised on the bright sunny morning of the 23rd of October 2019, in the Junior School. The carnival was inaugurated by Br. Steve amidst much applause and fanfare.
Aesthetically decorated and colourful stalls from the five sections of KG attracted parents and students in huge numbers.

The Art and Craft stall by KG-A was all about fun with art as there were interesting activities like Stencil Painting, Jigsaw Bunny, Earthen Diya decoration, Tattoo printing, etc. The most esteemed guest who took pride in getting the colourful ‘Doremon‘ tattooed on his arm was none other than Br. Miranda himself. It was truly a sporting act on his part and surely brought smiles on the faces of parents and students alike.

The food stall by KG B offered yummy treats like cup cakes, candy and popcorn for children. They also got a wonderful opportunity to tickle their imagination and speak about what they wish to be when they grow up. This could earn the child a coupon to enjoy the treats.

The stall by KG C was all about rhyming fun where the children enjoyed fishing out a word from a big pot and came up with a rhyming word for the word fished. After achieving the feat, the little prizes brought sweet smiles on their faces.

KG D’s teacher had put up an interesting stall titled ‘The Lucky Letters’ where the children got the opportunity to hone their vocabulary skills and come up with a CVC word by pulling out consonants and vowels from three different boxes. The boys took great pride in matching the word with the corresponding picture on the wall. They got a prize for their successful attempts.

The stall by KG E, titled ‘Fun with Maths’, had games with numbers. The children and parents actively took part and had a great time counting the articles and giving answers to the riddles.

The children and the parents of the kindergarten had a memorable day full of fun, frolic and learning. This was a carnival with a difference, where our children learnt and enhanced their skills of reading, comprehension, vocabulary, confidence building, speaking, eye and hand co-ordination and creativity through the various stalls set up by the different sections.

Our honourable Principal, Br. Miranda and the Junior Wing Headmistress, Mrs Ritu Kaushal visited all the stalls and were delighted to see the children having a great time. They applauded and praised the efforts of the teachers in organising a fun learning time for the children.

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