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POCSO and Juvenile Justice Act are key to understanding sexuality education...


When the world is grappling with water crisis and threats of global extinction, cyber crime and cyber bullying adds to the woes. The soft target is mostly the teenagers and hence it is important to make them aware of the effects of Media and Sexulaity.

 On 6th November, the students of class XII attended a workshop on Sexuality Education conducted by a group of teachers speaking on different topics. Brother Sameeer, Mrs Chauhan, Mrs John and Ms David took up topics like 'what is sexulaity, sexual abuse, sexual assault and molestation?', 'laws for the protection of children from sexual abuse', 'pornography, masturbation and effects of media on sexuality.'  Through discussions, questions and answers and videos students were explained how sexulaity is an important part of our life and how one needs to be extra careful  in handling issues related to the opposite gender and even their own self.

The students were very much engrossed and involved and took home valuable imformation on the Juvenile Justice Act and its involvment in the life of kids under the age of 18  in any sexual related crime. The school feels it is important to have well informed children so that they know how to keep themselves safe. The workshop was an eye opener for all.  



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