Workshop Detail


Attended by- Mrs Rashmi Sehgal

Junior Wing

‘Happiness creates space for more happiness, happy students and thus happy classrooms shall add more meaning in the lives of teachers.’

The Capacity Building Programme (CBP) ‘Happy Classroom’ is based on the conviction that ‘Happy teachers create happy classrooms!’ This programme aims to create greater awareness in the teachers of the importance and pathways to be happy. Therefore, a happy teacher can integrate happiness in all teaching–learning processes of the classroom which will in turn foster happiness among students.
Mrs Rashmi Sehgal from the Junior School participated in a day long training session of the CBP ‘Happiness Classroom’ programme held on the 11th of January 2020 at St. Franscis De Sales School.

In the first segment, the resource person, Dr. Manisha Sharma( Vice Principal, Venkateshwara International, Dwarka) focused on fostering self awareness of emotions and feelings for self regulation of reactions in different circumstances. She motivated teachers to invest in their relationships with their colleagues as well as their students. The session also gave an insight into reasons for misbehaviour among students and adopting ways as a teacher to react in such situations by understanding ‘why’ children act the way they do.
The following segment focussed on ‘Exploring Happiness’.
Dr. Manisha cited that views and tests published through various studies colour the perception of happiness whereas happiness a highly subjective experience. Through group activities, role play, songs, poem recitations etc. she made the group of educators experience happiness and joy through enriching activities. She highlighted that the pursuit of exploring joys in the little things and choosing to be happy can go a long way in the well being of a teacher.
In the final session of the day various strategies for creating a ‘Happy Classroom’ were discussed.
Dr. Manisha suggested innovative ways like story telling, role play, use of graphic organisers, etc. to invite students’ participation in the lessons. She emphasised that evoking students’ interest through ’hands-on’ teaching methods and meditation exercises will definitely add to the efficacy of learning in classrooms.
The workshop was indeed an inspiring reminder for all the participant educators to enthusiastically strive to create a happy classroom and make learning a fun filled experience for the students and teachers alike.


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