Workshop Detail


Attended by 

Mrs. B. Pande and Mrs. L Brahma - J Wing


Life skills education helps in creating a positive and confident force of children who in the coming future will exercise control and problem solving approach in dealing with the numerous challenging situations in life. Promoting life skills aids in building and preserving values in society as well. 

Aiming to equip teachers with the strategies and tools to inculcate life skills among their students, CBSE organised a workshop on "Capacity Building Programme" on the 22nd of January 2020 at CBSE, Centre Of Excellence, Patparganj. 

This workshop was attended by Mrs. B. Pande and Mrs. L Brahma from St. Columba's Junior School. The workshop focused on a curriculum which lends itself to the holistic development of children. The resource person, Dr. Anuradha Govind, enriched the participants with useful practices and strategies for effective teaching and execution of life skills in the classroom. She elaborated on the need of incorporating these skills as a crucial part of the school syllabus and activities. There was an interactive discussion session which focused on imparting life skills such as empathy, problem solving, critical thinking, creative thinking, interpersonal relationships, self awareness, managing stress and emotions, etc. 

The workshop was indeed an eye-opener as it brought to light many aspects of creating contextual experiences for teaching life skills. The discussions had an adequate tone set for the healthy interaction of inputs and views from the teachers. The activities during the session enlightened the teachers on the ways to empower students by inculcating the right kind of life skills as a response to contemporary situations. The teachers dispersed in gratitude for the enormous enrichment. 

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