Senior School Events Detail

Title : JUST-TOGETHER (2019-20)

A St. Columba’s and St. John’s collaboration


An outreach event was organised by the Just Ed Society of St. Columba’s to St. John’s High School, Chandigarh. The students were given a tour of the campus. They attended a live class and visited affiliates of the school. The school has various unconventional facilities such as the mechanical and life sciences labs, neon walking strips on the floors for visually impaired students, lending libraries inside every classroom, a prayer room and an outdoor gym.

The school is also affiliated with various NGOs. One of them being for children with auditory and vocal impairment. Each student in the school has been taught sign language to sufficiently communicate with the children from the NGO. The school is also affiliated with a transgender group headed by Ms. Dhananjay, a pass-out of Punjab University.

The school itself has a variety of initiatives including gardens outside each class, their own education material for primary grades and book making activities-where students compile their research on a topic in the form of books which are then displayed in the school library.

The event-a first of its kind initiative- was made possible only through the efforts of Mrs. Kavita Das, the principal at St. John’s High School.


The St. Columba’s team comprised of the following members



Ms. Grace David

Mr. Sumit Yadav


Tanush Goel (11-A)

Simon D’Souza (11-F)

Sarthak Garg (11-D)

Ryan Vincent Thomas (11-C)

Shaswat Singh (11-B)

Gauravya Mohan (11-D)

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