Outreach Programme Detail


            The students of class 4D got an opportunity to visit Nirmala Shishu Bhawan on 17 February,2020 as a part of their outreach program. It is an organization run by the Missionaries of Charity and it takes care of the underpreviliged and disabled children.There were 25 children between age groups 5-10 taken care by nuns, volunteers and special educators.

            The sister-in-charge took all of us for a round and we were surprised to see the organized manner in which the place is run. It was a pleasant surprise to see how nicely the children are being taken care of. Visiting an NGO such as this served as a great learning experience for the class 4 Columbans. It was a first hand experience for them to see how difficult lives some children have in this world and how blessed they indeed are. Our children were able to learn that no matter what the circumstances are,having a smile on your face even while facing so many difficulties in life is truly what life is about. The boys of class 4-D also sang songs for the children and interacted with them. The students generously contributed packets of milk powders, detergents and diapers.

          Our students were motivated to help the needy people, be compassionate and supportive towards them. Class 4 D today got to experience the joy of giving straight from the heart.


Class Incharge

Mrs. Neha Malhotra

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